Fat Shaft drivers . . .

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Childhood Hang-ups
These hand-carved, hand-painted children’s clothes hangers come in sets of four or six, and every set has a theme, including transportation, sports, and flowers (set of four, $15; set of six, $21).
448 Amsterdam Avenue, at 81st Street/212-579-2600
1125 Madison Avenue, at 84th Street/212-744-1716

Star Power
It’s hard to wish upon a star when you can’t see any. But New Yorkers who do get off the island now and then should get a kick out of Restoration Hardware’s Celestial Navigator, which helps locate the position of stars and constellations in the sky. Just match the built-in compass with one of four seasonal night-sky cards (illuminated by a red light) for an overall map of what you’re looking at, or opt for one of twenty additional cards that describe smaller, specific constellations ($20).
935 Broadway, at 22nd Street/212-260-9479
103 Prince Street/212-431-3518

Legal Eagle
There has been much hubbub in the golf world over a certain club that just last year was deemed illegal for competition play. Quel scandale! Since then, Wilson Sporting Goods has introduced the “Deep Red” Fat Shaft driver. In Rankmark studies (they’re the J.D. Powers of the fairways), this baby outperformed the competition, legal and illegal alike ($399).
131 West 35th Street/212-564-2255 (by special order)
189 Broadway/212-385-1246
147 East 47th Street/212-755-9398.
Photograph by Nedjeljko Matura

Burn Rubber
Only five minutes ago, wearing an armful of rubber bangles was all the rage. Now we know that less is more. Trade in the rings of rubber for a leather bracelet by Gregg Wolf. The bands wrap around the wrist two or more times and feature such sterling-silver motifs as a bulldog, a flower, a Grecian head, or just a plain, very punk stud ($150).
346 East Ninth Street/212-529-1784

Bedtime Story
When Zuzka Kurtz went shopping for sheets, all she found were muted colors. “It was so pure and boring,” she said. “I wanted something theatrical and sexy.” So the fashion and home-accessories designer created sheets of her own. One set is based on a story (Scheherazade and the Falcon); the other is inspired by a storyteller (Omar Khayyám). Both have big, Indian-derived illustrations on the duvet. One shows a woman perched on a daybed with a falcon; the other shows a man and a woman in conversation. Each set – duvet cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two cases – is sold in a rattan box that looks like a book (queen, $650; king, $700).
888 Broadway, at 19th Street/212-473-3000

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Fat Shaft drivers . . .