Pop Art totes . . .

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Night Moves
Time isn’t on your side if you can’t read the clock. Zelco’s new OptiClock not only has a magnifier that slides over the face, it’s also illuminated by an easy-on-your-tired-eyes red light (as opposed to a harsh white light). The pocket-size clock also has a 75-decibel crescendo alarm with a snooze button ($30).
1204 Madison Avenue, at 88th Street/212-369-8308

Hot Button
You can never have too many tote bags in this town. Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to give the leather one a well-deserved rest and break out something more seasonal. TG-170 carries a variety of canvas totes ($33) with Pop Art-style images and a matching button. “I love that these bags are so pop, summery, and cheap,” says owner Terri Gillis, “and the button is an added bonus.”
170 Ludlow Street/212-995-8660

Tress for Success
At a time when hair lengths rise and fall faster than hemlines, lots of women find themselves in one of those painfully long “growing out” stages: Your hairstyle is on its way to being something fabulous, but for the time being isn’t quite right. The solution? Put it up and forget about it for a few weeks. Colette Malouf’s supercool glass ponies keep unruly coifs under control ($70).
754 Fifth Avenue, near 58th Street/212-753-7300
310 West Broadway/212-274-8888

Smiles to Go
Getting your kids to brush those pearly whites can be an ongoing battle, but humor helps. “These toothbrush holders look like toys, and moms say their kids have more fun brushing with a monkey or frog than with a plain old toothbrush,” says Elaine Carl, who carries them at her NoLIta store. The holders, which come with a matching brush, are made of rubber, so they’re tantrum-proof ($10).
235 Elizabeth Street/212-334-9728
Toothbrush holder photographed by Nedjeljko Matura.

Sweet Inspiration
Dessert is the grand finale of the meal, so presentation counts. The master of minimalism, Calvin Klein, comes through with this Platinum Leaf dessert plate. Featuring a choice of raised-leaf gold or platinum, the line mixes well with china patterns containing either metal ($40).
654 Madison Avenue, at 60th Street/212-292-9000

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Pop Art totes . . .