Books, brooms . . .

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Sound Logic
CD cases usually hold either the player itself or the CDs, but not both. Now, for those of us who like to plug in, tune out, and switch CDs while on the run, cdProjects has created a water-resistant sport case with a front pocket for the player and a zippered section that holds 24 CDs ($16.99).
555 5th Avenue, at 46th Street/212-557-7770

Baby Talk
Suddenly, it seems like every other woman we know is pregnant, and that means it’s time to start shopping for shower gifts. Laura Millman of Little Chums has come up with the perfect shower-gift idea – a set consisting of cotton leggings, a T-shirt, and a hat, all embroidered with motifs like mermaids, airplanes, and turtles and neatly packaged in a white mesh bag ($44).
48 West 17th Street/212-807-1391

Bound for Success
Taschen’s new series of books, *Icons*,” packs a huge pictorial punch in tiny packages. The scaled-down volumes cover topics ranging from Modernist chairs to Karl Blossfeldt’s photos of flowers to etchings by Piranesi – even nineteenth-century erotica (don’t ask, just look). Each book is packed with 200 pictures and, at $9.99, makes a great gift.
828 Broadway, at 12th Street/212-473-1452
11 West 53rd Street/212-708-9700

Clean Sweep
Spring is a natural time to assess the state of your cleaning implements. This whisk broom and matching dustpan are both functional and fabulous. The broom is made of Thai sorghum grass, colored with nontoxic dyes, and has a matching dustpan. “At first I was surprised at how well people responded to these,” says Wayne Adler, co-owner of William-Wayne & Co. “But they’re snappy, fun, and pretty enough to hang out for all to see” ($12 for broom, $16.25 for dustpan).
850 Lexington Avenue, at 64th Street/212-288-9243
40 University Place/212-533-4711
Dustpan photographed by Nedjeljko Matura

Shell Game
This summer, pass on the pucca shells. Instead, opt for one fabulous shell, on a simple satin ribbon, inspired by the late style maven Chessy Rayner. “I saw a picture of her from the seventies,” explains designer Alyssa Gregg-Reuven. “She was wearing a turban and a beautiful shell necklace. I thought it looked amazing.” And so a collection was born. Sold under the name Aliza Darik, the necklaces come in ten styles, most featuring a single shell (pictured, Cone, $45).
1003 Madison Avenue, near 77th Street/212-249-7858
210 Columbus Avenue, near 69th Street/212-769-9116
125 Fifth Avenue, near 19th Street/212-533-9720

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Books, brooms . . .