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Shrink Wrapped?
Eleni’s Cookies has got an offer you can’t refuse. Next Sunday when you tune in to The Sopranos, break out this tin of sugar cookies that bear the faces of six different characters. Decide who gets eaten as the episode unfolds. Love that Christopher brings Jimmy Choos home for his fiancée? Spare him. Disappointed by Tony’s extramarital trysts of late? Take a bite outta him first (eighteen cookies total, $55).
75 Ninth Avenue/212-255-7990

Paging through Roy Lichtenstein: Interiors (Hudson Hills Press), you’ll be amazed that so many of its 115 color plates and 11 black-and-whites have never been published before. An array of drawings, paintings, and prints of interiors are featured, spanning more than 25 years of work ($45).
981 Madison Avenue, near 76th Street/212-772-8787
45 West 57th Street, fifth floor/212-688-7600

Get Down
Don Carney and John Ross of Patch NYC describe their home as “granny style.” But the handbag and T-shirt designers’ first attempt at home furnishings should appeal to the under-60 set as well. A series of six throw pillows features whimsical illustrations (of mermaids, pineapples, and poodles) bordered by vintage fabrics. “Can’t you just see them in a beach house?” asks Ross. Why, yes, we can ($182).
803 Washington Street/212-741-5520

Spring Time
While you’re switching your wardrobe from winter to summer clothes, you might want to consider switching watches too. Calvin Klein’s new cK Primary line ($80) is perfect for this time of year. The wide leather band might feel too heavy by the middle of summer, but the selection of ten colored bands and dials definitely screams “spring.”
12 East 57th Street/212-758-7300

In the Bag
To Jennifer LoRusso of Ply design, bags are about function, not fashion. When fully opened, her Toggle bag ($275) is a big, roomy leather square with a nylon center. When cinched, it’s a sporty-chic number with a big, thick single strap and a roomy interior that doesn’t lose its shape, even when filled. Available in three leather colors (ivory, charcoal, or black) and three interiors (dark green, which looks like black, tangerine, and purple).
805 Washington Street/212-229-2292
162 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn/718-788-6564

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Functional bags . . .