Monkey cameras . . .

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Bay Watch
Wristwatches and beaches don’t necessarily mix. First, there’s the whole waterproof-versus-water-resistant drama; then there are issues of tan lines and theft – it’s all way too much to think about while relaxing. The fairer sex can find a solution in Swatch’s new, one-size-allegedly-fits-all string bikini. It comes with a waterproof watch strung to the bottom, so you’ll always be on time, even if topless ($80).
5 East 57th Street/212-317-1100
100 West 72nd Street, at Columbus Avenue/212-595-9640
640 Broadway, at Prince Street/212-777-1002
438 West Broadway/646-613-0160

Monkeying Around
Paul Frank’s iconic Julius monkey has appeared on everything from clothing to leather goods and sold like mad. Now Julius’s smiley likeness is splashed across Paul Frank’s latest introduction, a baby-blue 35-mm. camera. It’s plastic, multiuse, and comes loaded with a roll of film that, when developed, yields pictures with the famous monkey face centered in each shot ($30).
46 East 21st Street/212-614-3235

Puppy Love
We used to laugh at people who gave their pets Evian. Now purified water for pets is a cottage industry. The latest entry into this market is Dog Water – purified water in an airtight, reusable bowl with a lid that doubles as a Frisbeelike toy. The water is fluoride-enriched and free of chlorine, lead, and sulfites. Now, that’s something to bark about ($3.99).
969 Madison Avenue, near 76th Street/212-737-5561
43 Greenwich Avenue/212-352-8591

Light Fantastic
At first glance, this plastic-encased wonder gives off a somewhat adults-only vibe. But inside rests a sleek, silver, Marc Newson-designed flashlight called Apollo. When asked what inspired him, Newson explained that “Apollo is the god of light, and the Greek ideal of manhood” ($95).
146 Greene Street/212-226-2190
1755 Broadway, at 56th Street/212-581-4400

Troll Humor
Poor trolls – they get such a bad rap. Teased, tormented, and tossed about, à la The Full Monty. A couple of years ago, Philippe Starck gave trolls a design boost by creating a stool in their likeness. Now Restoration Hardware takes things a step further with this new sprinkler. The troll’s head pops up and water spews forth from its neck, hitting distances as far as 72 feet ($69).
935 Broadway, at 22nd Street/212-260-9479

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Monkey cameras . . .