Bold organic vases . . .

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One of a Kind
Joseph Conforti makes his “Geometric” vases using a Japanese technique called raku, originally developed for the creation of ceremonial tea sets. Each piece is made, glazed, and fired by hand, so no two are alike ($250).
182 Duane Street/212-226-1045

Flat Feat
They say you can never be too thin. Sprint is banking on it with its new cell phone. Weighing just over two ounces, the 1.5-inch-wide phone is the smallest on the market. Features include the ability to download up to twenty photos (which can be synchronized with address-book entries for “photo caller I.D.”), a phone book that holds up to 500 numbers, voice dialing, one-touch Web access, and, of course, games ($299.99).
109 West 42nd Street/212-944-5686
169 East 86th Street/212-348-6340

Glass Roots
Popular in the fifties, these state glasses were promotional items, sometimes sold at roadside stands, other times given away at gas stations. Gerald Nixon has more than 300 of them, from 50 states, at his Chelsea store ($16).
223 West 16th Street/646-486-4147

The Patriots
Every year, Keith Carollo and Chris Bick, owners of the design firm fred flare, gather with friends for an urban picnic on the Fourth of July. “There’s no lawn involved – it’s on a friend’s roof in Brooklyn,” said Carollo, “which is what inspired us to create this star garland. It’s a fun thing to string up for a picnic or even a kid’s room.” The garland, called the Star Spangled Banner, is six feet long and has nine stars, three each in red, white, and blue ($12).
435 Hudson Street/212-847-8488

Invite for Drinks
It all started with an unfinished wooden coffee table. “I thought it was horrible,” recalls Ebony Snow Hurr, “but my boyfriend loved it so much that he insisted everyone use coasters.” So for his birthday, Hurr designed and printed custom party invitations that doubled as coasters. The Coaster Invitations, sold under the Snow & Graham name, are available in a variety of themes, including BBQ and cocktails ($15 for a set of six).
561 Broadway/212-941-9816
1282 Third Avenue, near 74th Street/212-396-3670
8 West 13th Street/212-633-0570

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Bold organic vases . . .