Playful puppets . . .

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Rock Solid
Weekends in the country provide constant inspiration for ceramicist Argie Bucot. His latest vase, called Wave, is modeled after stone slabs Bucot found while rambling around his Sullivan County property. The artist built and glazed each piece by hand in his meat-packing-district studio. The three holes can be used to hold single-stem flowers or even tapered candles. Available in light blue, white, metallic pewter, and matte black, the pieces measure 7 1/2 inches wide by 5 1/2 high and 2 1/2 deep ($149).
24 Ninth Avenue/212-989-9412

Traveling Light
Cartier’s new Cage bags are perfect for those times when you want to walk out the door carrying only cash, credit card, and I.D. Available in two sizes: the rectangular International Wallet (pictured, $410) and the square Coin Purse ($330). Both come in a choice of onyx, ruby, or gold leather and have combinations of flat and expandable pockets.
711 Fifth Avenue, near 56th Street/212-753-0111

Kiehlsing Me Softly
It’s back! After mysteriously disappearing from store shelves for more than a year, Kiehl’s immensely popular Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF has returned – just in time for the worst summer months. The difference? An increased SPF, from thirteen to the now-minimum-recommended-for-daily-use fifteen. Available in two-ounce ($14.50), four-ounce ($27), and eight-ounce ($47.95) sizes.
109 Third Avenue/212-677-3171 or 800-KIEHLS-1

Puppet Master
For 25 years, Folkmanis has produced amazingly lifelike puppets for kids and youthful adults. Now the company has created a Baby Folkmanis line for infants and toddlers. It includes cloth cubes filled with toys, bath puppets, puppet versions of a car and truck, and the My First Puppets soft book (pictured). There are four colorful spreads, each with a small finger puppet for the child and a larger, matching hand puppet for an adult to use simultaneously ($35).
789 Lexington Avenue, near 61st Street/212-826-6465
10 Christopher Street/212-620-7511
85 Mercer Street/212-925-6677

Sol Survivor
Paranoid about sun damage? Try the layer approach: Moisturize with SPF first, then add a layer of shade, literally, with a bamboo parasol from Violetshade. Each one opens to a 26-inch square that is lined with a lightweight solar-weave fabric and comes with a matching carrying case ($116).
969 Madison Avenue, at 76th Street/212-737-5661

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Playful puppets . . .