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Urban Cowboy
A man who looks good in jeans is a sight to behold. But if those jeans slide toolow, an eeew! view could result. It’s a cinch to solve that problem with a sexy, rugged belt like this one from Banana Republic. lt comes in black or brown weathered leather with either a brass or nickel buckle and will turn those eeews into ooohs ($42).

Grass Slippers
In-the-know toes swear by Jin Soon’s ultrapampering pedicures. After these exotic treatments, it seems criminal to stuff them back into stilettos. Luckily, Jin Soon sells these fun beaded sea-grassflip-flops, imported from Brazil – a welcome change from the disposable paper stuff you get elsewhere ($28).
56 East 4th Street/212-473-2047

Spare Chains
Want to keep a cool head when the weather gets hot? Twist up your hair and downsize your trinkets. Yvonne Stender’s necklaces are colorful and delicate, but not too girly. We’ve even seen A&F-type boys sporting them. Choose from several colors and styles. We like the yellow jade with turquoise (pictured, $77).
185 Mulberry Street/212-431-1682

Jazzy Bands
At the time of summer when you’re perfectly bronzed (naturally orotherwise), Movado’s new SE color collection of sports watches does for your wrists what turquoise beads do for your neck: The unisex watches have bright lizard-skin bands in your choice of green, fuchsia, yellow, or blue – all perfect complements to tanned skin – and matching dials in tinted mother-of-pearl. Prices are from $795 to about $6,000 for a diamond-encrusted wonder.
610 Fifth Avenue, at Rockefeller Center/212-218-7555

Carton Call
Finally, a bit of Belgian deconstruction that makes space in your closet rather than taking it up. These storage cubes, designed by Alain Chennaux for A_ronne, look like cardboard, but they’re actually made of surprisingly sturdy pressed wood. Buy them in individual units ($60) or in a tower ($160 for three cubes; $220 for four); an optional shelving insert will hold your CDs ($40). The cubes come folded flat and assemble without any tools, nails, or screws. Do we hear “back to school”?
101 Crosby Street/212-219-3661

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Movado watches. . .