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Cover Story
Fans of those cell phones with interchangeable face plates will love GE’s new cordless, land-line model. The flip-top gizmo comes with five “swap tops” to match your room, including a clear one that can hold a photo or a swatch of wallpaper. Since you can set up the charger in any room with an electrical outlet (a separate base unit plugs into the phone jack), we suggest you hold on to the extra plates ($99).

Pressing Matters
With a dry cleaner on practically every corner, New Yorkers can go years without having to pick up an iron. But anyone who’s ever run out of crisp shirts on a Sunday will appreciate the new Steam ‘n Press. The compact, three-pound iron heats up quickly, has a separate steamer attachment, and takes up almost no space in the closet ($39.95).
900 Madison Avenue, near 73rd Street/212-794-4974
4 West 57th Street/212-265-2550

Make Faces
If you were that kid who made up Barbie’s face, thinking the pen would wash off, or cut her hair, hoping it would grow back, you’ll love Mattel’s new What’s Her Face! dolls. Each of the four sassy ladies comes bald and faceless. Kids can apply eyes and a mouth using rubber stamps and wash-off ink (included) and top off their work with a selection of Velcro wigs. The best part: There’s no limit to the makeovers ($19.99).
767 Fifth Avenue, at 58th Street/212-644-9400

File in Style
Herman Miller, the company responsible for the ubiquitous Aeron chair, has a new Chelsea store full of hip home-office furniture. This RED Rocket File cart, designed by Olive 1:1, has an internal steel frame covered with a reflective canvas normally used for heavy-duty backpacks, along with two levels of hanging files and zippered compartments on each side($185).
309 West 15th Street/917-661-9500

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Light Cubos . . .