Cuddly costumes . . .

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Think out of the Box
Sure clutches are chic – except at those moments when you’re attempting to wrap your perfectly manicured fingers around your drink and reach for an hors d’oeuvre. Eloise Rae’s box bag offers a more hands-free approach. It is large enough to fit Palm, cell, wallet, and a lipstick or two, and has an adjustable strap. Available in red, chocolate brown, or black leather ($248).
118 Thompson Street/212-966-9050

Tee Parlor
Williamsburg hipsters who would otherwise head to SoHo to pick up their glad rags can now find their favorite labels – William Reid, Orfi, Levi’s vintage, Katayone Adeli, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Anna Sui – much closer to home. ISA is full of appealingly arty gear, including these T-shirts by 2K with images by Warhol, Bauhaus, and, shown here, Basquiat ($35).
88 North 6th Street, Brooklyn/718-387-3363

Wire Act
Tired of those unsightly bulges in the outer pocket of your laptop case? These sleek cord cases keep modem lines from twisting up, retract on command, and come in lots of cool colors, including blue, orange, purple, graphite, silver metallic, ice white, and matte black ($12).
96 Greenwich Avenue/212-691-1001
2003 Broadway, near 68th Street/212-875-8809

Animal House
Is trick-or-treating with your baby a ploy to get candy for yourself? This year, zip your tot into a costume from Old Navy and you’re sure to win the sweets race hands down. Choose from a frog (shown), a spider, a corncob, a pink poodle, an elephant, a piggy, a monster, a cat, or a bunny ($19.50).
620 Sixth Avenue, at 18th Street/212-645-0663
150 West 34th Street/212-594-0049

Shiny Happy People
In the world of bumps and bruises, ice packs are a necessity. They are also usually blue and boring. Not Mr. Happy: This cute little guy can be used as a cold pack or even as a warm compress (after soaking in hot water), and he’s bound to coax a smile out of any crying kid – big or small ($10).
435 Hudson Street/212-847-8488

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Cuddly costumes . . .