Swarovski menorah candles

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Knit Pick
Are you into the hand-knit look of the season’s scarves and hats? You’ll love Old Navy’s sweater-style handbag. It comes in light blue, black, or off-white, with leather handles ($16.50).
Old Navy
503 Broadway/212-226-0838
620 Sixth Avenue, at 18th Street/212-645-0663

Money Belt
As of January 1, twelve European currencies will be replaced by the euro. But the old coins won’t be entirely out of circulation – they’ve turned up on a new collection from Celine that features a handbag, a small pouch, and this leather belt ($400).
667 Madison Avenue, at 61st Street 212-486-9700
or www.celine.com

Pet Project
Do not forget your furry friends this holiday season. Hide their treats in stockings that will fit right in with yours. Design Legacy’s Good Dog version is decorated with bones; Good Kitty has fish ($29).
43 Greenwich Avenue/212-352-8591

Fire ‘n’ Ice
This year, consider a menorah make-over: plain candles out, bedazzled ones in. The Swarovski crystals on these melt into the wax as the candles burn, creating a prism effect ($40 for a box of 45).
Celebration, The Jewish
Museum Design Shop

1 East 92nd Street

Blue in the Face
TAG Heuer first created the Monaco in 1969. (Steve McQueen wore one; it was his “lucky watch.”) Now it’s been rereleased in the original blue as well as a selection of more conservative hues ($2,600).
40 West 57th Street
212-333-7220 or 800-548-TIME

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Swarovski menorah candles