Ascher diamond earrings

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Drink to These
Artist Jenny Holzer’s “Truisms” have most recently found their way onto a set of four highball glasses. Each bears a different phrase, such as BOREDOM MAKES YOU DO CRAZY THINGS and PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT ($30 for four).
The New Museum of Contemporary Art
583 Broadway, near Prince Street

Ice Queen
Well-heeled style-setters are crazy for vintage Asscher-cut diamonds from the twenties and thirties, which are rare and exceedingly expensive. Now Kara Varian Baker has access to new Asschers for about $10,000 to $12,000 per carat, plus the cost of the setting. It takes six weeks to cut the diamond and get it certified. Shown here, earrings with a total weight of 2.2 carats ($22,000).
Kara Varian Baker
215 Mulberry Street

Cool Comeback
Remember Freezy Freakies, those gloves that changed colors when you took them out in the cold? We hadn’t seen them since the eighties, but we found a huge stash at Mod World. In a choice of eight styles, from hearts and princesses to robots and fighter planes. Childrens’ sizes small, medium, and large ($16).
Mod World
85 First Avenue

Off the Cuff
This season, cuff bracelets are everywhere, and Lancel’s are among our favorites. Choose from seven colors (red, black, white, toffee, gold, purple, and caviar) and six charms ($140).
135 Prince Street

Soap Stars
We thought we were over novelty soaps – then along came these detergent-style boxes. They’re filled with powdered body wash that’s meant to be used in the shower or bath, and splashed with feel-good phrases like you got it going on! Choose from Hottie, Sassy, Stud, or Goddess ($5).
E.A.T. Gifts
1062 Madison Avenue, near 80th Street

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Ascher diamond earrings