Lighten Up

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Mathmos Modern’s Tumbler is an indoor-outdoor, rechargeable bricklike lamp, available in either of two very cool styles. One phases into nine different colors at slow, medium, and fast speeds. The other changes colors when you simply flip it over ($80).
The Terence Conran Shop
407 East 59th Street

We love designer Marcel Wanders because of lamps like this one, called B.L.O. As the name implies, it switches on and off when someone blows (hard!) on it. In three translucent colors (yellow, dark gray, and blue) and matte silver ($109).
146 Greene Street

A string of five exposed bulbs makes up Butter’s Daisy Chain table lamp. It can hang, as shown, or be twisted to form other spirally designs ($250).
The Apartment
101 Crosby Street
71 Franklin Street

This simple glass cylinder is very right-now, while the bulb with exposed filaments harks back to Thomas Edison’s time. We like the old-fashioned bulb, but you can replace it with a standard one ($165).
125 Greenwich Avenue

It’s time to toss the tacky $19.99 torchère you’ve had since college and embrace adulthood with the Luxmaster, designed by Jasper Morrison for Flos. You can control both the direction and the intensity of the light by adjusting the height and the shade (which rotates) and sliding the built-in dimmer ($375).
MSK Illuminations
235 East 57th Street

Thank goodness Cardinal Product’s Mushroom table lamp doesn’t actually resemble its namesake. It’s cute and colorful, with a choice of either blue or green honeycomb shade. And at this price, you can buy both ($30).
Basics Furniture
92 Seventh Avenue, near 16th Street

Biproduct’s latest product is this so-called Stacking Acrylic Light (the lights don’t actually stack). Available in yellow-orange, orange-red, and green-blue color combinations in both table and hanging versions ($390).
28 Watts Street
71 Franklin Street

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Lighten Up