A house fit for a mouse

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Mouse Pad

It seems the French are as into mice as we are: Véronique Hubert, a French artist, has designed a little paperboard house just for them. The mousy mom, dad, and baby have four furnished rooms in which to scamper about, and all the niceties of family living: food, a pet cat, musical instruments, toys, and books. There’s even an attic for storing away stuff ($22).
AD HOC SOFTWARES/410 West Broadway/212-925-2652

Cold Clear Light

Here’s proof that cuteness and high-tech-ness need not be mutually exclusive. Though Ernesto Gismondi (co-founder and president of Artemide) has created a lamp that looks adorably birdlike, his e.light incorporates advanced lumen technology. The light source is a slim cold-cathode tube, which means it never overheats, yet it’s also an energy-efficient little devil, providing 20,000 hours of light. This mini-task lamp has a nylon swivel joint and a telescoping rod, so it can be adjusted (and used) in any number of spots where heat and space are factors; computers and children’s rooms instantly come to mind ($129; in clear, red, and blue, too.)
LIGHTFORMS/168 Eighth Avenue, near 18th Street/212-255-4664; and 509 Amsterdam Avenue, near 84th Street/212-875-0407

Moving Right Along

Throw away your tongs, forget burned fingers: West Bend’s Slide Thru toaster operates like diner toasters – bread, English muffins, and bagels just slide out onto an attached tray. The cool-touch Slide Thru has six settings, including a choice of toasting two sides (for bread) or one side (for bagels). The tray folds up for compact storage and is removable for easy cleaning ($59.99).
GRACIOUS HOME/1220 Third Avenue, at 70th Street/212-517-6300; and 1992 Broadway, at 67th Street/212-231-7800

Three’s the Charm

Making modern furniture untainted by retro references is a rarity these days, but Belgian designer Marteen Van Severen has managed to do it. His “.03” stacking chair (it’s his third piece in mass production) uses today’s hip materials, molded polyurethane and aluminum, yet the results are rather classic. But the .03 has more going for it than just sleek lines: Thanks to the give of polyurethane, it’s a delight to sit on ($515; blue, green, and white, too).
MOSS/146 Greene Street/ 212-226-2190

Running Wild

Not content with sandalizing Outward Boundish sports such as white-water rafting and rock climbing, Teva has now designed a trail-running sandal for those who loathe the beaten path and actually love slopping through mud, hopping over logs, and splashing through water. Though the Wraptor looks odd, it’s been engineered for comfort and shock absorption: Its strapping system provides a kind of continuously adjusting custom fit, and the raised toe and bumper protect from rocks and roots. So for your next vacation, there’s now an entire Teva wardrobe to choose from ($99.99).
PARAGON SPORTING GOODS/867 Broadway, at 18th Street/212-255-8036

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A house fit for a mouse