Make Mom happy . . .

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Sacks of Fruit
Even the mom who has everything could use another makeup bag. Designed by Orla Kiely, a textile turned fashion designer based in London, these laminated cotton canvas bags come in two sizes ($25 and $32), in your choice of red, blue, or green.
96 Greenwich Avenue

Petal to the Metal
Most floral arrangements last only about a week, but one cast in precious metal will delight your mom for many Mother’s Days to come. John Iverson’s hydrangea bracelet comes in sterling silver (pictured) or in eighteen-karat gold. Matching earrings and necklaces, too, in either metal ($795 for silver, $3,400 for gold).
693 Fifth Avenue, near 54th Street

Black and White Balls
Who doesn’t need another black dress? We love the lace ones silk-screened on these iced-tea glasses by Lazy Susan. The vintage-inspired highballs are available in four different dress styles ($10 per glass).
1062 Madison Avenue, near 80th Street

Ladies in Red
You could give your fashion-obsessed mom a rare, out-of-print copy of Diana Vreeland’s book Allure, but it will set you back several hundred dollars (if you can find it). Instead, wait until later this week when the reissued copy, at a much friendlier price, hits bookstores citywide. The 212-page tome features 165 photographs from the legendary editor’s 50-year fashion career at Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, all peppered with her pithy commentary (“Lots of people have terrible taste and make a damn good living off of it.”) ($75).

Wrap Artist
Summer soirées often call for something soft to throw over the shoulders. Instead of your tried-and-true pashmina, try a fresh, colorful, sunflower-embroidered shawl. Designed by Namrata Joshipura and over seven feet long, it’s one big, stylish hug for Mom ($180).
712 Fifth Avenue, at 55th Street

See It in Print
Many dog owners belong to that special breed of “parents” who believe that nothing’s too good for their sweeties. For them, we suggest these eleven-by-fourteen-inch block prints by Martine Kasmin. Choose from a wide variety of images: Jack Russells, bulldogs, golden retrievers, German shepherds, basset hounds, Chihuahuas, poodles, cocker spaniels, English bulldogs, pugs, corgis, schnauzers, and dachsunds ($68).
43 Greenwich Avenue

Make Mom happy . . .