Four-Speed iXi Bike

iXi Aluminum bike.

Easy Rider
The four-speed iXi may be the perfect New York bike. It’s made of lightweight aluminum, with folding pedals and detachable stem, handlebars, and seat post. Inside the seat post, a storage space includes a pump, patch kit, tire levers, and spare interlock bolt. Stuck in the rain? A poncho is hidden in the front frame cap. $1,099 to $1,289 at Paragon Sports.
Paragon Sports
867 Broadway, 212-255-8036

Also see for more information.

A-frame by Chad Randl.

House Proud
A-frame, by Chad Randl (Princeton Architectural Press; $21.95), traces the history of an iconic architectural style.

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Rudolph Stingel carpet.

Floor Plans
On July 1, artist Rudolf Stingel will unveil “Plan B,” a wall-to-wall floral-carpet installation in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall. An edition of twelve similar nylon-with-silver-border twelve-by-ten-foot carpets are $10,000 each. (As of this writing, six are still available).

For information, contact Art Production Fund, 212-966-0193.

Cole River Company tray.

Your Serve
Cole River Company tray in lime green, $78 at Gracious Home.
Gracious Home
1217 Third Ave.; 212-517-6300

Lomo Frogeye camera.

Shutter Up
Lomo’s new Frogeye camera is waterproof and $75 at Flight 001 and Moss.
Flight 001
96 Greenwich Ave.; 212-691-1001
146 Greene St.; 212-226-2190

Kiehl's Abyssine lotion.

Cool Cat
Get it before it’s gone: Kiehl’s brand-new Abyssine lotion is now available in an eye cream ($30) and an SPF-15 lightweight lotion ($38).
109 Third Ave.; 212-677-3171

Pro-Ject Debut II turntables.

Spin City
The Pro-Ject Debut II is one of the coolest turntables yet and comes in ten colors, $299 at Harvey Electronics.
Harvey Electronics
2 W. 45th St.; 212-575-5000 or 212-228-5354

Four-Speed iXi Bike