Sydney Maresca’s Dual Skirt Dress

Sydney Maresca Dress at Cherish in New York.

Sydney Maresca’s genius dress converts to a skirt (in three colors); it’s $90 at Cherish.
179 Orchard St.; 212-253-2110

Stacking Rubber Cups at Liberty House in New York.

Stacking rubber cups with small covers (which can be used as trays) are $18 at Liberty House.
Liberty House
2466 Broadway, near 91st St.; 212-799-7640

Jonathan Adler Happy Home Collection at Flights of Fancy in New York.

The next generation of Jonathan Adler’s Happy Home collection—pastels with a sometimes twisted twist—has just hit stores. The mugs, canisters, bowls, tea set, and plates are $15 to $100 at Flights of Fancy.
Flights of Fancy
1502 First Ave., near 78th St.; 212-772-1302

Matali Crasset Chiara Chair at Dune in New York.

French designer Matali Crasset’s Chiara chair in resin (choose from four colors) with white high-gloss lacquered wood is $890 at Dune.
88 Franklin St.; 212-925-6171

Ladybug Rubber Flats for Children at Space Kiddets in New York.

Just in from Japan, these fun rubber flats in two styles (ladybug or sailboat), sizes 24 to 29 (toddler sizes 8 to 111/2), are $32 at Space Kiddets.
Space Kiddets
46 E. 21st St., near Broadway; 212-420-9878

Wallcandy consists of an expansive background, plus a selection of (in this case) spaceships and glow-in-the-dark stars—the whole thing sticks to any wall and is easily peeled off. In four styles, including grazing animals; $168 at YoyaMart.
15 Gansevoort St.; 212-242-5511

Double Castanet Gold Drop Earrings at Robert Lee Morris in New York.

Double Castanet eighteen-karat-gold drop earrings are $375 at Robert Lee Morris.
Robert Lee Morris
400 W. Broadway, near Spring St.; 212-431-9405

Photographed by Ted Morrison.

Sydney Maresca’s Dual Skirt Dress