Pretty and Pink

Posted January 14, 2005
These earrings are great because they’re having a little identity crisis. Are they ‘60s hippie chic? Studio 54 shimmer? Funky ‘80s fun? Who knows, but whenever I see them, my mind reels with possibilities: they dress up my pilled cashmere and jeans, they modernize my pencil skirt, and I’m dying to pair them with a little black dress and some liquid eyeliner. Designed by Texas native Seana Scott, the earrings are handmade, and come with 3 very cool perks:

1) You can ask Seana to customize their length to fit your face
2) A portion of the sale goes to a national charity, like the American Heart Association
3) You’ll be a real trendsetter

Since Seana’s stuff is just getting sold in Manhattan, you can be one of the first girls to score them, so whether you pair them with sweats or a cocktail dress, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

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Pretty and Pink