Best Bets

A flurry of days-of-the-week underwear has hit stores recently – and yes, these new panties are a far cry from the faux-satin versions of yore. If you ask us, the coolest of the bunch is a set of cotton string bikinis featuring a different Peanuts character for each day of the week. Each pair in the set is a different color with zippy, striped trim. In small, medium, and large ($50).
1070 Madison Avenue, near 81st Street/212-717-9655
252 Columbus Avenue, near 72nd Street/212-579-2178
158 Spring Street/646-613-8772

For men obsessed with numbers, we throw this one into the mix: 170. That’s the thread count of Thomas Pink’s new Egyptian-cotton shirts, which feel like silk. Buyer beware: These shirts are addictive ($195).
1155 Sixth Avenue, at 44th Street/212-840-9663
520 Madison Avenue, at 53rd Street/212-838-1928

Shanghai Tang is full of fabulous new products – and these silk evening bags are our favorite additions. They’re embroidered, lined in hot-pink silk, and accessorized with pins in the shapes of butterflies or dragonflies ($165–$170). What’s not to love?
714 Madison Avenue, near 63rd Street/212-888-0111

It’s amazing how something as seemingly simple as a clogged toilet can faze even the most self-sufficient among us. For any can-do woman who’d like to know how to do a whole lot more, there’s a new book called Dare to Repair: A Do-It-Herself Guide to Fixing (Almost) Anything in the Home (HarperResource; $14.95). Chapters cover plumbing, electricity, major appliances, windows, walls, doors, and home safety. There’s also a helpful resource section at the end.
716 Broadway, near Astor Place/212-529-1330
33 East 17th Street/212-253-0810

Another set of makeup brushes – just what you need, right? Think again: The Body Shop’s new offerings literally stand on their own, which means no more flecks of eye shadow, blush, or powder on your counter. There are ten styles to choose from, priced from $8.50 for a brow-and-lash brush to $24.50 for a face-and-body brush.
714 Lexington Avenue, near 57th Street/212-755-7851
1145 Madison Avenue, near 85th Street/212-794-3046
135 Fifth Avenue, at 20th Street/212-254-0145

Flies, mosquitoes, and wasps were the inspiration for Christopher Roule’s new line of jewelry, aptly called the Wing. Choose from long cleavage-nesting lariats (available on chains or leather cords) and long or short dangling earrings (with or without pavé diamonds), all made in gold or silver. Prices range from $95 to $1,400.
281 Mott Street/212-343-9205

Best Bets