Best Bets

New Flame
Tough smokers have sworn by their even tougher, windproof Zippo lighters for more than 70 years. The newest introduction to the iconic line is a sleek, silver, refillable utility lighter that’s meant for lighting candles, fires, and so on. It gets our vote for the best inexpensive hostess gift of the season ($17.99).
37 West 43rd Street

Take Note
These stylish cards were created by a onetime fashion-event planner and a clothing designer who now run Style Press by Bonnie’s Studio, and they’re perfect for those whose idea of holiday cheer has more to do with dressing up and painting the town red than Santa and snowmen ($24 for a box of ten).
1601 Third Avenue, at 90th Street

Picture Perfect
A built-in digital camera makes this new Sanyo phone the most covetable new gadget around. Point and shoot, and photos appear on its color screen. You can store up to 80 low-resolution pictures in the four-ounce phone, which can also send and receive e-mail and download screensavers and ringers. Games and a calendar, too ($399).
105 West 42nd Street
175 Fifth Avenue, at 23rd Street

Felt Love
Minimalist girls on the move will love Hiponica’s flat brief. This skinny tote comes in four shades of wool felt (pictured) or nylon, with leather accents, and has many zippered pockets. Pack rats be warned: This bag doesn’t look good stuffed, but a thicker version is available (wool, $130; nylon, $140).
238 Mott Street

Upon Reflection
Calvin Klein’s new silver-plated votive-candle holder is the sexiest we’ve seen in a while. The highly polished square has a (removable) mirrored back that reflects the light from a single flame for a very seductive effect ($25).
654 Madison Avenue, at 60th Street

Best Bets