Best Bets

Forgetful about flossing? Set one of Hydrologie’s Flossy Fish on your sink, and it’s a cinch to remember. The floss sits in the fish’s belly and is pulled out of its mouth. In Pacific Blue, Crystal Clear, Purple Pizzazz, and Sea-Glass Green ($12.99).

988 Eighth Ave. near 58th St., 212-957-8343
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An uptown girl can never have too many Kate Spade bags. The company’s latest offering? This cute new teddy, just as hip as the bags and a whole lot cuddlier. Chances are the little creature will go very nicely with a Spade-handbag collection—the bears are made of the same fabrics ($95).

Kate Spade
454 Broome Street, 212-274-1991

Sprucing up your sofa is a breeze if you have a couple of splashy throw pillows on hand. Thomas Paul’s look like they’re made of groovy seventies scarves. Bright, bold pattern is his thing, and even his more traditional styles (Colonial profiles) look fresh with modern colors and contrasting backing ($85).

Prudence Designs
228 West 18th Street, 212-691-1356
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Like many pint-size Nickelodeon fans, Laura Cabot swooned for slime when she was a kid, and like most, “we weren’t allowed to have it in the house,” she says. Enter her new product: Goop, a delectably slimy Day-Glo bubble bath. Moms can rest assured that it’s nontoxic and nonstick, and that it won’t stain. In four varieties: I Am Mad (fruit-punch fragrance), Hugs to Go (smells like a sugar cookie), Monsters Be Gone (blackberry jam), and My Favorite Blanket (fresh laundry) ($12).

C.O. Bigelow Chemist
414 Sixth Avenue, 212-473-7325
Palmer Pharmacy
2395 Broadway, at 88th Street, 212-724-4800
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Finding the right laptop bag can be frustrating, but Loop Design’s is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. It comes in four colors, is reversible, and has loads of pockets for necessary items like a cell phone, PDA, wallet, and even umbrella ($72).

Flying A
169 Spring Street, 212-965-9090

When a designer with a thing for fifties science fiction turns her talents to designing watches, you get some pretty crazy and cool stuff. Space Yota, created by former handbag-and-costume designer Anne Herlihy, is a collection of thirteen watches with names like Helios and Space Queen. All come in cute spaceship-like containers; prices range from $115 to $195.

Flight 001
96 Greenwich Avenue, 212-691-1001
Henri Bendel
712 Fifth Avenue, at 55th Street, 212-247-1100
1000 Third Avenue, at 59th Street, 212-705-2000
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