What’s Harris Levy’s Best Seller?

Photo: Davies and Starr

Grand Hotel bed linen set, queen size, $171

What 100 percent Egyptian-cotton percale bed linens, 200 thread count.

Units Sold 150 last month; 45 last week.

Why “A lot of people who come into the store say, I went to Europe and had these great sheets in the hotel, and the nicer hotels in Italy use these sheets,” says owner Bob Levy. “You can play the thread-count game, but it’s pretty meaningless—the type of cotton is more important. A low thread count in an Egyptian cotton is going to feel softer and last longer than a 1,000 thread count in Chinese cotton.”

Harris Levy
98 Forsyth St., nr. Grand St.;212-226-3102

What’s Harris Levy’s Best Seller?