How Would Kate Spade Spend $14,500?

Photo: Evan Kafka

This summer, I went out and bought everything for my kitchen. People said this was my form of nesting, but it was on my to-do list for two years. My sister even flew in to help. She showed me the simplest thing, like an ice-cream scooper, and I was so ecstatic. “You mean, you don’t just use a spoon?” She was like, “Katie! Everyone has these!” My mom cooked a lot, and I didn’t watch or care. I didn’t have any interest. But now I think it would be so great to have people over and cook a great roast chicken. I’d get cooking lessons at the French Culinary Institute (La Technique Curriculum, 110 hours, $6,175) and French lessons while I’m at it ($2,880 for six months of twice-weekly private sessions at the French Institute Alliance Française). One of my resolutions is to start having small dinner parties—ten people, max. I’d buy two silver-plated Ted Muehling candlesticks ($130 each) for the table. For the first one of the New Year, to be safe, I’d have it catered by Peter Callahan ($3,377.37). He’s super-creative and makes hearty food seem very presentable. I had a dinner where he made tournedos of beef and asparagus drenched with Parmesan. We had, I swear, the most amazing two-layer chocolate cake. I ate it like you cannot believe.

I’d buy DVDs of The Office: Complete Series One & Two and the Special ($59.95 at Virgin Megastore). I’ve never even seen an episode, but my brother in Chicago acts them out on the phone for me.

I’m a crazy beauty-treatment person. I love things that are hydrating, not so much anti-aging. I love oils and lotions like Crème de la Mer ($110 an ounce). I take at least one bath a day, sometimes two. Someone gave me Palmer’s Cocoa Butter ($6.10 for 13.5 fluid ounces), and I pour it in the bath to prevent stretch marks.

I’d get Henry, my eleven-year-old Maltese, a grooming session at Karen’s for People + Pets ($95.59), but no bows and no clothing. He doesn’t even like to wear a collar.

I could use a few more maternity outfits, but I’m trying to keep it to a minimum. I buy things I know I’ll still wear when I’m not pregnant. Calypso has these drawstring skirts that I love to wear as strapless tops ($140). I figure I’ll wear them as skirts this summer with flip-flops. It’s funny—I wear high heels even more now that I’m pregnant. My legs seem shorter because I can’t see much of them.

When I shop, I’m thinking about when this is over and what to bring to the hospital. I’d take a Sony pocket mini DVD camcorder ($899.99). My husband, Andy, and I don’t take a lot of pictures. We’ll go on vacation without a camera. I’d get a really cute leaving-the-hospital outfit for the baby. I don’t know what the gender is going to be, so I’d buy a little Bonpoint knit sweater and tiny pants in off-white ($231), because in February it will be so cold. And for me, I think I’m going to buy a good bottle of Cabernet (Harlan Estate Vineyards, $265).

Reality Check
What I Really Spent Today

Grande iced latte at Starbucks ($3.96)

Earrings at the Annex Antiques Fair & Flea Market ($300)

Curry chicken soup and shrimp dumplings at Kelley & Ping ($16)

Baby blanket at ABC Carpet & Home ($145)

Total $464.96

How Would Kate Spade Spend $14,500?