How Would Amerie Spend $66,136.95?

Photo: Evan Kafka
Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

I am a jeans person. I would get a whole bunch of True Religions ($2,358 for nine pairs) because I’m addicted to those. If you like stretch jeans, they’re extremely stretchy and very comfortable. They have lots of cute washes. I get them anywhere I can. I just went on this wild-goose chase looking for them. Right now, I’m also on the hunt for this Cesare Paciotti sandal with charms all over it ($775). Usually what I do is carry tear sheets with me. I always go in to Gucci—they make one must-have shoe a season. I’d love the one I wore in my “1 Thing” video—it’s a gold shoe with gold studs all up the heel and lots of hardware (Goa sandal, $795).

I’ve been on the road now for a little over a month. I could really use a set of those Bose headphones that block out all the sound to wear on the plane (QuietComfort 2, $299). I have some of the Louis Vuitton luggage, but I kind of want the whole collection. You have to special-order the shoe trunk (Armoire Trunk, $32,700). It’s just a luxury thing. You don’t even fit a lot of stuff in there, but I love it.

There’s this M.A.C eyeliner color I saw that I really like, but I haven’t had a chance to buy it. It’s a blue kohl pencil called Blooz ($13). I would love a big tub of Crème de la Mer (16.5 ounces, $1,200).

I would take my whole family, my best friend, my management team, and my “glam squad,” I call them the “A team”—my hair and makeup people—to Mr. Chow ($799.96 for ten). And then I’d buy the girls bags. There’s this bag called the Fendi Spy bag. It is so hot. I shouldn’t even say the name of it or I won’t be able to get one. It’s kind of extravagant but it’s a great everyday bag. I would get three: one dark brown with the logo ($1,680), one that’s all white leather with red handles ($1,950), and then the classic black ($1,980). I’m going into sensory overload.

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

I would buy my dad a new set of Callaway golf clubs ($1,397) and get the rest of the guys Hublot watches ($18,500 for five). I’d really like to buy the black ceramic Chanel watch with ruby baguettes and diamonds ($57,500) for myself, but I guess that’s out of the budget.

My Yorkie, Jean Pierre, is three years old. He comes from a line of show dogs, I just have to say that. He’s perfect. Perfect size. Perfect height—everything. I would take him to have a spa day at the New York Dog Spa & Hotel (Day of Beauty, $150). He already has a Louis Vuitton carrier, but I would get a new one ($1,400). Ralph Lauren has Polo shirts for dogs with the little Polo man on the collar. I’d get four of them ($128). One in blue, one in yellow, one in red, and one in purple.

I do love to cook. I love to shop at Whole Foods, but that gets really expensive. My favorite are those Odwalla soy drinks, the Vanilla Al’mondos ($2.99). Oh, but you know what I found in Japan? Häagen-Dazs makes a green-tea flavor. You can’t get it here, but it tastes just like the mochi ice cream at Nobu ($9).

What She Really Spent Today
Soy white hot chocolate at Starbucks, $3.65.

Apple-green Balenciaga bag at Barneys New York, $1,350.

Us Weekly, $3.29.

My Life, by Bill Clinton, $35.

Total $1,391.94

How Would Amerie Spend $66,136.95?