How Would 50 Cent Spend $3.5 Million?

Photo: Zach Gold

I don’t get back to my old neighborhood, Southside, Queens, as much as I’d like. So I’d go to Mama’s, the Jamaican restaurant on 134th Street and Guy R. Brewer that I used to hang out in front of. Sometimes I’ll want that same food—beef patties and cocoa bread ($3.50 for two). Then I’d buy a park house in Southside ($895,000) and start a boxing program. I’d get all the equipment—gloves, bags, lockers, the ring ($58,583 from Everlast). I used to box as a kid, and I still do. I have a whole chapter on it in my new book, From Pieces to Weight.

Right now I’m on the “Anger Management Tour” with Eminem and G-Unit, so I’d dress my tour bus up. I’ve seen Young Buck do it. He’ll put beads in the hallway door and hang Bob Marley posters up in the bed. I’d get those beads ($11 at Target) and some black-and-white photographs from that magazine where women go on the cover with their shirt off. Janet Jackson did it … Rolling Stone! I did one, too ($20 from I’d get some music to listen to—“Curious,” Tony Yayo’s single featuring Joe, that’s my favorite song right now (free at And I’d buy Em a studio trailer ($247,000) to travel with. He loves to record so much, now he can just go do it when he wants to. I’ve got to get a suit for the MTV Video Music Awards in two weeks. I like Armani ($4,205 for suit, shirt, and tie). I’ve seen some nice shoes at Gucci ($370). I have enough jewelry already, but I’d buy Olivia—the G-Unit First Lady—a gold chain ($18,000 from Jacob & Co.).

When I was little, my aunts used to throw “dollar parties.” They’d charge their friends a dollar to come to their backyard. I’d be bombarded if I went to one now, so I’d have everyone over for a big BBQ at my house ($25,000 catering from Hot Tomato’s in Hartford). I’d get a slide for the pool ($800 from the Pool Factory), water wings for the kids ($59.50 for ten from Kmart), and a volleyball net ($199 at Home Depot).

The last thing I need for my house is some real art—modern paintings (Dollar Sign, by Andy Warhol, $2,250,000 at Van de Weghe gallery).

I don’t carry a BlackBerry. I don’t want to be that accessible. But my son, Marquise, has a T-Mobile. He’s 8 years old, and he’s e-mailing. I’d get him a Sony PlayStation Portable ($250 at Circuit City). Game Boy’s over. He’s musical, but I haven’t made him pick an instrument yet. So I’d get one of those piano keyboards ($499 at Sam Ash). I already bought my grandparents a new house and Mercedeses. I got them smaller ones, though—they don’t need no fast cars.

Reality Check
What I Really Spent Today
Egg and cheese on a roll with ketchup and orange juice … $3.85

Three bottles of grape-flavored Formula 50 VitaminWater … free

New G-Unit jeans, T-shirt, and hat … free

Total $3.85

How Would 50 Cent Spend $3.5 Million?