How Would Jade Jagger Spend $11,250?

Photo: Todd Selby

I lived in New York on and off until I was 13, and after that my parents still had a house here. Whenever I come back, I have to go to Barneys. And the Met ($15). I love all the permanent Asian exhibits. Gilded Japanese screens have always been a point of reference for me.

Photo: Courtesy of Bone Clones

When I’m in the city, I always stay at the Mercer ($440). I love to go to the Evolution Store just around the corner for ideas. I buy old shells ($75), reproduction animal skulls ($100), and little seahorses in tiny little vials ($5). I carry a digital camera to capture my inspirations, so I’d buy a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S90 ($149 at Circuit City). Mostly I take pictures of pieces of art and furniture, rather than fashion.

I do my sketching at night in my room, not too late. I always use a different kind of notebook, so I’d buy a new one at Kate’s Paperie ($15). I’d get some fountain pens at Pearl Paint ($68 for two), and egg tempera watercolor ($15 for two bottles)—it’s like regular watercolor, but with a lot more pigment in.

Photo: Courtesy of Lehmann Maupin

For my place in London, I’d like to buy Montina’s Gio Ponti table, and four chairs in orange, because it’s the sexiest dining experience known to man. But I guess that’s out of the budget. So I’d settle for a Ross Bleckner print ($1,800 from Lehmann Maupin) and a plastic candelabra from Urban Outfitters ($60).

Photo: Courtesy of L. Irizarry/Trixie + Peanut, Inc.

I have five dogs—four Italian greyhounds and a Sloughi called Azahar, which comes from the Arabic word for “blossom.” They’re constantly chewing through their bedding, so I’d get a dog bed at Trixie + Peanut ($95), plus collars and leads ($590 for five sets). And little sweaters that they’d never wear ($270 for five). They’re no different than a human.

I listen to a lot of hip-hop, so I’d buy Missy Elliot’s The Cookbook ($14 at Best Buy), and also Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm Remixed ($14 at Best Buy)—they’re my favorite band right now.

I have similar music taste to my girls—they’re 13 and 10—so we share playlists. They love me to buy them the latest movies that we can’t get in Europe. Anything with Chad Michael Murray—like House of Wax ($20 at Best Buy).

I’ve been eyeing a pair of black suede pumps from Christian Louboutin ($710). I love the round-toe stacked-heel boots that everyone’s making; Marc Jacobs has a great lace-up pair in chocolate ($795). But really, I’d spend all the rest on a white mink coat from Lanvin ($6,000). I have no fear of paintball shooters. I’ve been trying to get their attention for years. No one’s hit me yet. Come and get me.

Reality Check
What I Really Spent Today

Soy cappuccino at Olive’s … $3.52
Lunch for three at the Mercer Kitchen$131.25
No. 2 pencil at Pearl Paint$.25
Organic grapes from Whole Foods$3.98
Dinner for six at Omen$360

Total: $499

How Would Jade Jagger Spend $11,250?