Trappers Tracked

Dior by John Galliano, $1,575
Thick coyote fur will keep you warm in the coldest climates, but it irritates skin, and you might not hear that taxi honking—though drivers can’t miss the blazing red Dior logo frontispiece (21 E. 57th St., nr. Madison Ave.; 212-931-2950).

Dennis Basso, $1,250
Put the price tag down to rare Lippi (a small Russian leopard) fur—glam enough for the runway, too thin for outdoors. Unlike wool lining, interior satin won’t dry out your hair; earflaps look silly tied (765 Madison Ave., nr. 65th St.; 212-794-4500).

Dsquared, $565
Less rock-and-roll, more log-cabin man from the bad-boy designers. Exterior is just wool, although if you wrap the flap ties around the toggle on top, you can show off the mink lining (at Barneys New York).

Eric Javits, $250
Cozy and plush shearling is a chic compromise between luxe fur and humdrum canvas. However, you may have to wear earmuffs, as coverage is skimpy ( or 800-374-4287).

Express, $250
Good value for beaver, but the abundance of coarse hair and lack of shape might make you look a little too close to Don King, the early years, for comfort (

Coach, $228
This water-resistant nylon-and-fur combo offers both warmth and protection from the elements. The pom-poms are sweet—or juvenile ( or 866-262-2440).

Club Monaco, $89
This trapper is a steal for genuine rabbit fur, so snatch up black and burgundy, too. Taffeta tie is a nice girlie detail, though the rim is hard to snap up (

American Eagle, $29.50
This perfectly fitted number with faux-fur trim looks good on all head shapes and sizes. A shame it doesn’t hold up well in the elements—rain soaks right through the canvas (

Photo: Davies and Starr

JCPenney, $14.99
It won’t be mistaken for Lippi, but the fur is so soft you might forget it’s synthetic. Quilted satin fabric is stylish, too, but the finicky clasps don’t always keep the flaps up ( or 800-222-6161).

Trappers Tracked