My, Oh, My

Myla's selection of couture lingerie includes this lace bra.

Girls into high-end lingerie are a special breed. They’re willing to spend the equivalent of a pair of Jimmy Choos for a bra-and-panty set, even though the bragging rights are less obvious. After all, everyone can see (and worship) your Choos. But—we assume—only a privileged few are allowed a peek at your underpinnings.

The pieces at London-based Myla, which just opened its first U.S. store, on the Upper East Side (20 East 69th Street; 212-570-1590 or, are so gorgeous that it’s a shame to keep them hidden. This is couture lingerie—fine silks and luxurious laces accessorized with Swarovski crystals, gold thread, and even real pearls—at couture prices. A $50 pink lace thong is relatively cheap; most bras are in the $250 range.

But Myla’s vibrators are what made U.K. headlines. Designed by the likes of Habitat’s Tom Dixon and industrial designer Marc Newsom, they look nothing like traditional sex toys. One could be a computer mouse, and they’re made of materials like (in the case of Dixon’s) hand-cast and -polished black resin ($350).

Granted, that’s a lot of money for a little satisfaction. But, if anything, it’s surprising the design age took this long to annex marital aids.

My, Oh, My