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Manhattan Mini Storage offers walk-in closet space complete with rods and drawers.Photo: David Leventi

American Self-Storage
Locations: Twelve in the five boroughs and New Jersey.
Cost: From $39 a month.
Pros: Each unit has its own alarm system. They’ll send a truck and driver free for two hours. It’s the cleanest, shiniest space; everything looks and feels brand-new.Cons: The small $39 unit is available only in Manhattan.
Cons: Shoestring fries. Even when they’re hot and crisp—as they are here—they’re more of a garnish than anything else.
Special Features: They accept deliveries on your behalf.
Rating: 4 stars

Chelsea Mini Storage
626 West 28th Street, (212-564-7735);
Cost: From $52 a month.
Pros: A mind-boggling city-block-size 1 million square feet of storage space makes this the largest self-storage facility in the nation (or so they claim). They’ll put you in the smallest room available on moving day—even if you ordered a larger room—to save you money.
Cons: Just one location, with long schleps down endless corridors. One-month security deposit.
Special Features: Mailboxes, and a handy shipping-and-receiving center.
Rating: 3 stars

Locations: Two in Brooklyn, one in Long Island City.
Cost: From $52 a month.
Pros: National company with more than 600 locations. Security code for building access.
Cons: Bare-bones operation, with few amenities. You have to rent your own delivery truck.
Special Features: Monthly prorating means you pay only for actual storage days.
Rating: 2 stars

Manhattan Mini Storage
Locations: Thirteen all over Manhattan.
Cost: From $29 a month.
Pros: Walk-in closets with drawers, shelves, and rods are a shopaholic’s dream come true. Climate control keeps units at 60 to 80 degrees. Some locations open 24/7.
Cons: The deposit amount is based on a credit check.
Special Features: Free car service for your first visit. Free delivery of boxes for Manhattan orders over $50; unused boxes can be returned. File storage.
Rating: 5 stars

Oz Moving & Storage
Locations: Three Manhattan offices.
Cost: From $100 a month.
Pros: Perfect for high-maintenance storage: Full-service operation takes inventory, moves, and stores everything for you, saving a trip to the central Bronx facility.
Cons: You never see where your items are housed.
Special Features: Document storage.
Rating: 4 stars

Tuck-It-Away Self Storage
Locations: Eleven in Manhattan and the Bronx, and one in Newark.
Cost: From $35 a month.
Pros: Moving truck with driver is free for two hours. No deposit.
Cons: Some locations close as early as 5:30 p.m.
Special Features: Custom units built within 24 hours for odd-size or unusually large items.
Rating: 3 stars

Tips on finding the right storage space from Avi Oz, owner of Oz Moving & Storage.

1. Know what features you need, and only pay for those. (That goes for space, too.) Climate control, for example, isn’t that important unless you have sensitive items such as a rare musical instrument or fancy wines.
2. Choose a convenient location. The outer boroughs may be less expensive, but the subway haul makes it tough on quick trips to take things in or out.
3. Know what days and times you can access your room—they don’t always correspond to the facility’s hours. You may even have to call ahead.
4. Insure your items separately from the company. Their insurance won’t cover all items or potential situations.
5. Go with a name you know and a reputation you can trust. Check with the Better Business Bureau for negative reports.

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