The T-shirt

Richie Rich used to be a club kid (he once went on Oprah to explain Limelight to middle America). Now he makes punky, reconfigured T-shirts ($35-$125 at Patricia Field, 10 East 8th Street, 212-254-1699).

Juicy Couture
If real safety pins are too creepy for you, there’s always Juicy’s tidy version of the trend. Juicy tees are known for good, close fits and lots of colors ($24-$60 at Bloomingdale’s, 212-705-2000).

Cabana 16
Designer Meredith Levy has a preppy-girl, pastel-monogram take on wife beaters ($60 at Olive & Bette’s, 1070 Madison Avenue, 212-717-9655).

In the Pink
Bring your own T-shirt and the girls at this East Village shop will help you ruche, bedazzle, and shred it with their ingenious collection of decorating gear ($16-$20 at In the Pink, 447 East 9th Street, 646-286-3321).

Christian Dior
It may deliver you right to the verge of victimhood, but John Galliano has made the iconic T-shirt of the summer. From his rave-inspired fall-couture collection, this was one hotly anticipated piece of cotton ($140 at Christian Dior, 21 East 57th Street, 212-931-2950).

People like Gisele and Christina Ricci swear by m.r.s T-shirts. Intricate threading and pulling gives them a painted-on quality ($160-$500 at Hedra Prue, 281 Mott Street, 212-343-9205).

These handcrafted T-shirts are made with scraps of lace, rayon, and yarn. No two are alike, so it’s worth stopping by this vintage shop if you’re in the neighborhood to see what the owners have put together ($65-$85 at Flood, 26 First Avenue, 212-260-2269).

The T-shirt