Donald Abrams, Legal Secretary



Donald Abrams of the Look Book in New York Magazine
Photo: Jake Chessum

Where are you from?
New York, born and bred. I’m from the Bronx, which I call the Big B—not Brooklyn. That’s the small B.

Where’d you get the suit?
The labels are cut out of the jacket because I bought it at Daffy’s. But if you check in the pants, it does say Hugo Boss. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that.

And that Louis Vuitton portfolio!
That’s my favorite. That was a gift to me from my significant other, I must say. His name is Brian, and he got it through

And the shoes?
Stacy Adams, I believe. I bought them out of Florsheim.

Is that a key or a ring you’re wearing?
It’s a key chain, but I wear it as jewelry, believe it or not. It’s such an eye-pleaser. My whole thing is that it’s the key to my heart. It’s sterling silver and I bought it at a flea market. The secret is that it’s also a bottle opener, but no one can tell.

How’d you get so into fashion?
My grandmother, God rest her soul, she was a senior pattern-maker. I used to sit in the house and watch her make patterns from brown paper bags. I was her muse, I guess you could say. And my aunt, she worked at Macy’s for twenty years.

Is there someone whose style you admire?
I used to admire the attorneys—I like a very starched, professional look. I’ve been doing this for twenty years, it’s got to rub off.

Any special grooming rituals?
I normally don’t tell my little secrets. I have one barber, who I pray to. His name is Shamel, and he’s at Swirl & Curls Design in Parkchester. It’s a unisex type of place.

Do you think Martha deserves to be in jail?
I love Martha Stewart. There are a whole lot of people out there who deserve to be in jail much more than she does.

Who would you put on the Supreme Court?
I would have to say Colin Powell. I don’t know why, I could just see him in those robes sitting on the bench. He would look amazing.

Donald Abrams, Legal Secretary