Deena Abdulaziz, Mother



Deena Abdulaziz in New York.
Photo: Jake Chessum

Where do you live?
For a long time, we were only here, on the Upper West Side, but now we are also back in Riyadh. It’s important for my husband. I’m sure you understand.

Do you like living between the two cities?
I love every single thing about New York. I even love having a hot dog! But I love the desert in Riyadh—it’s home, it’s family, and it’s stable.

What do you do?
I have three kids: a 5-year-old girl and twin boys, who are 3.

Where did you get your …
The skirt is Proenza Schouler, the T-shirt is Prada. The shoes are Miu Miu, and the bag is Hermès, of course. The charms are Prada. I’m a little bit of a Prada whore. The necklace is Lanvin, and the watch is Cartier.

That’s a lot of fashion. Are you particular about your beauty regime, too?
Well, yes. The shampoo is Kerastase, the moisturizer is Peter Thomas Roth. I start with his glycolic moisturizer, and then I do a lot of blendings, mostly with Armani bronzer fluid. For lipstick, I use glosses. I’m very ashamed to say this, but I really like the Jessica Simpson ones because they taste so good.

And perfume?
I blend an incense from my country that is very expensive per ounce. It’s the essential oil used in the most expensive perfumes. It’s not even amber—it’s a lot stronger than that. It’s a type of tree. I blend it with Fleur de Cassis by Frédéric Malle that I buy at Barneys, and also his Musc Ravageur body oil.

You really love fashion. Do you like fashiony movies?
Of course! Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Auntie Mame, All About Eve, Eyes of Laura Mars are my all-time favorites.

Did you see Fahrenheit 9/11?
I think it was very biased, but pro-democracy. It’s anti-Bush, which is okay; even his criticism of the Saudis I can understand. I might not agree with it, but I understand it.

So who do you want to win?
As a Saudi, Bush, but as an American, Kerry.

Deena Abdulaziz, Mother