Josh Miller, Commercial Director



Josh Miller of the Look Book in New York Magazine
Photo: Jake Chessum

What would you call your style?
Someone described it to me perfectly once: Details meets circus clown.

Where did you get this outfit?
It’s a Jack Spade hat. The hat and the tie really look Jack Spade, but don’t make me sound like a fashion victim! My jacket is from a thrift store. The sweater’s not thrift, it’s Brooks Brothers. The jeans are Rogan. My watch is Panerai. I buy one watch every ten years, and I bought this one used, online, three years ago.

Is the collar only half-up on purpose?
That’s the Linus in me. You know how the Berbers purposely weave a mistake into every rug? It’s like that.

That’s a very yellow bag.
It’s from Coach, and it’s a great color yellow—very obnoxious, in a subtle, tasteful sort of way.

Do you have any grooming rituals?
I don’t use products. I just wake up. How about style icons? Jean-Luc Godard movies—Alain Delon or Jean-Paul Belmondo. That sounds pretentious, though.

How did you choose a wheaten terrier?
I’m allergic to dogs, and he’s hypoallergenic.Why’d you name him Oskar? It was kind of an Oscar Wilde, Oscar the Grouch thing. But a friend had just named his kid Oscar, so I used the k out of good conscience.He looks like he needs a lot of space.

Do you have a giant apartment?
I live in a loft on Hudson Street, but I have this hundred-acre farm in Sullivan County. There’s a pond and a stream and even more land than he needs. I bought it for Oskar. It was good for both of us.

What’s your favorite commercial that you’ve ever made?
For the Mini Cooper. A duck shows up at a guy’s apartment and they take a road trip.

How about your favorite all-time commercials?
I would say photography and movies inspire me more. I like Terrence Malick films; The Thin Red Line is my favorite. And Gummo.

Let me guess … you want to make movies?
Of course! It’s kind of a cliché, though, huh?

Josh Miller, Commercial Director