Kay Goldberg, Ninth-Grader



Kay Goldberg of the Look Book in New York Magazine
Photo: Jake Chessum

How would you describe your personal style?
Fantastically random slash colorful. But I mean, black is the best color even though it’s not a color. I like black, but I’m not super-black, all negativity and whatever.

Where did you get this outfit?
I got my shoes at, I don’t know, a Converse store? My rainbow tights came from this vintage boutique called Hidden Treasures in Topanga, California. I was born there, and I moved here when I was 4. My mom got the vest for me at this awesome place on Greenwich Avenue called Zachary’s Smile. The parka is from Cover Up on Macdougal Street.

So you really like vintage?
They definitely got it right in the past. Some of the things now are just being exotic for the sake of being exotic.

Well, I love stuff that doesn’t look like you would love it, but then you look at it and it turns out you do love it. I don’t like stuff that’s trying too hard.

Do you think the West Village has changed a lot?
It’s always going to be the Village, by which I mean it’s basically the single greatest place in the world, but I think it has changed. Where there used to be a random little place where people will sell their own jewelry, now there’s, like, Ralph Lauren. It seems more like a place to be than a place where you are.

Who are your style heroes?
Generally people who care about the message of their clothing. My white T-shirt just looks like a white T-shirt, but it’s by American Apparel, and they have a no-sweatshop policy.

Your dad’s a record executive. What music do you love?
I love the Doors. I absolutely love the Doors. I love the Ramones. For current music, I like the Killers. I really like the Strokes: They definitely rock. The Pixies rock. The Libertines are amazing. And the Clash. But I mean, obviously.

Do you want to be a musician?
Music is the absolute biggest thing in my life. I play piano and guitar, and I’m learning bass. Ideally, I want to grow up to be a rock star.

A rock star like who?
I would be like Mozart. He rocked. He was the biggest rock star in the world. Close tie with Jim Morrison. Now my mom is rolling her eyes.

Kay Goldberg, Ninth-Grader