Ciara Gilmartin, Store Manager



Ciara Gilmartin of the Look Book in New York Magazine
Photo: Jake Chessum

What are you doing today?
I work at a little design shop across the street called Kar’ikter.

You have a pretty strong accent. Where are you from?
I’m from Manchester, England, but I’ve been in New York for ten years. My dad got transferred, so I had no choice. I was 13 years old—a baby! We moved to Connecticut first, which was weird. I’m not a huge fan, no offense to Connecticut.

When did you come to the city?
Well, I went to college right outside the city, at Sarah Lawrence.

Is it as crazy there as everyone says?
Well … yes. It’s college! I think everyone’s naughty in college, but there it’s just more accepted. We have a coming-out dance where everyone just goes crazy and practically naked, and it’s cool. Everyone’s experimenting and being cheeky. But it’s really hard, too! I wish I were still there.

What did you study?
I was really into art history, but then I got into politics. I want to go to graduate school for global studies and international relations, because of the state of the world right now.

You remind me of a young Vivienne Westwood.
People have told me that before. It’s weird, because she’s my favorite. I love Prada, too.

Where did you get this outfit?
The shoes are Marc Jacobs. I bought them at Ina, the consignment store down the block. The skirt I got at Anthropologie, and the cardigan was a gift from my mum. It’s Ted Baker. And then I think the other sweater was just given to me by a friend.

How do you describe your look?
I like kind of feminine clothes, but I’m very low-maintenance. But I do have to have my Nars lipstick—Scarlet Empress. I got mugged two weeks ago, and they stole everything, including my lipstick, and I felt completely bare. That’s definitely the one thing I need and love.

What are you reading right now?
I’m reading Gramsci. He’s this Italian political thinker-slash-philosopher. It’s good. It’s difficult. I haven’t read political theory since I’ve been out of school, so I’m definitely struggling a bit. But it was a gift, and I’d like to at least say that I’ve read it.

Ciara Gilmartin, Store Manager