Michael and Kathryn Cerussi



Michael and Kathryn Cerussi of the Look Book in New York Magazine
Photo: Jake Chessum

What are you doing today?
Michael: We’re recuperating. We had lunch at the Peninsula with friends. We hadn’t spent much time together lately, so I took a few days off and we went out like tourists, even though we live on the Upper East Side.

And what are you wearing?
M.: A coat that Hickey Freeman made for me, and Oliver Peoples shades.
Kathryn : My fur coat is mink, from Saks.

How would you describe each other’s style?
M.: I don’t know where she gets her stuff, but the way she puts it together—she always looks amazing.
K.: Michael has always been the best-dressed man I have ever known. He’s preppy at times, but he also likes a little European flair—he wears a lot of Zegna.

Have you ever had problems with PETA?
K.: In the early eighties, I worked for Glamour magazine. I was walking to a lunch date on Park Avenue and there were people with buckets of red paint. I had on the first mink I’d ever owned! I hid in the Athletic Club until a nice man came down, put my fur in his bag, and walked me to Madison.

Michael, do you dress for court?
M.: I’ve got to be a little more concerned with how I look than the guys who are in offices all day. The New York Times once, after I’d won a big trial, described my appearance as a throwback to Gordon Gekko.

How’d you take that?
K.: Michael’s been slicking his hair back for a long time. He gets the product at my salon in Greenwich—it’s a KMS gel called Hair Stay.
M.: My clients got a big kick out of it. The reporter was from the New York Times, you know? He hadn’t bought a new suit since he got out of college. Michael Douglas did dress very cool in that movie.

Michael and Kathryn Cerussi