Holly Harnsongkram, Creative Director and Part-Owner of Nom de Guerre



Holly Harnsongkram in New York Look Book
Photo: Jake Chessum

What are you wearing?
The hat is from an Army and Navy store in Paris, the coat is A.P.C. from the fall collection. The scarf is from the Annex flea market on 26th Street, and the jeans are also A.P.C. They’re called “The New Standard.” The boots are, like, ages old. They’re Marc Jacobs. They’re just really comfortable.

Any makeup?
I usually buy lip gloss from Fresh. It’s got a lot of natural ingredients. For perfume, I wear Creed’s Silver Mountain Water.

Nom de Guerre sells high-end sneakers and avant-garde design. What exactly does a creative director do there?
I set up the look, and the concept, which is to do a streamlined version of an Army and Navy store, just essential pieces, exactly what you’d need to get along in the city.

So is your own look pretty streamlined?
It’s not girlie or anything. I prefer just getting dressed as opposed to thinking about it too much.

You live in Brooklyn. What are you doing on Madison Avenue?
I’m running around and getting inspiration. Usually it comes from Chelsea art galleries. I’ll see a color or a texture that translates into clothing that I need. I saw these really great paintings with halftone prints today.

Do books and movies do that for you, too?
Well, nothing in the theaters. Right now, I’m having my own Godard, early New Wave moment.

Are there any trends that you really can’t stand?
You can get inspiration from pretty much anyone and anything. I mean, if I go out and listen to a band, there will be some girl there wearing leg warmers that were meant for, like, duck hunting. I just like watching people and seeing what they wear.

Even velour track suits?
I’m not that difficult. Just keep your underwear in the proper place. None of those weird thong things coming out the top. But I’m not turned off by anyone’s personal style, because to me, it all makes sense. Sociologically, it gives you a good idea of what their background is, and what their interests are.

So what can we learn about you from your outfit?
I have absolutely no idea. I’d rather not go there.

Holly Harnsongkram, Creative Director and Part-Ow […]