Mark Recker, A&R Assistant

Photo: Jake Chessum

What do you do?
I work at a record label. It’s called Wind-Up Records. We do a mix of active rock, heavy metal, and some pop rock. Evanescence is our big band right now. We also have Creed, Strata, and a few more.

What’s active rock?
It’s a more hard-core form of rock music.

How is it different from hard rock?
I don’t know. I guess there is no difference.Is that your favorite kind of music?
I actually kind of enjoy everything. That’s why I wanted to be in the music industry. My job is assisting the head of A&R, screening the incoming talent. I go to the Bowery Ballroom, Irving Plaza, and Northsix a lot.

Have you discovered any bands?
Not yet! But hopefully I will. I started in February. I graduated from Skidmore last May and I’d just been temping and couch-surfing.

What’s the most-played album in your iPod?
Right now it’s Arcade Fire, Citizen Cope, and the Libertines.

What are you wearing today?
The sunglasses were just $3 off the street, my coat is from Club Monaco, and my pants are from Energie, which is the male side of Miss Sixty. My shirt and tie are from H&M. I always read Details and GQ. I sort of tend to follow the trendy aspects of things. I also follow women’s fashion—it’s always been an interest of mine.

Are you into products, too?
I’m kind of obsessed, actually. I use a lot of Kiehl’s—my favorites are the Extra-Strength Conditioning Rinse with added coconut, and Creme de Corps. My dermatologist, Dr. Joel Sabean, has his own line of face products, so I use those, and I wear Davidoff Echo cologne. When I was over in Madrid, in the spring of ’03, it had just been released, and I bought it.

How long does it take you to get ready?
About an hour. Usually when I wake up in the morning I have an idea of what I’m going to wear that day. I only rarely try on lots of different outfits.

What do you think of rock stars who use stylists?
I think it’s more interesting when they do it themselves. Sometimes the stylists try to turn them into something they’re not.

Which rock star has the most style?
I guess Gwen Stefani. She doesn’t follow trends.

Mark Recker, A&R Assistant