Claudio di Blasi and Ilaria Castelli, Business Student and Fashion Showroom Assistant

Photo: Jake Chessum

How did you meet?
CLAUDIO: That’s a good memory. We met each other in the Marais in Paris. A friend of us introduced each other, and it was love. Not really right away. We started going out together, then I had to go back to Italy to solve some issues. But we kept calling each other, and after two or three months, I met her again. I decided to move here because I wanted to go to business school. It was a little more difficult for her because she had a good job in a fashion showroom, but she was very brave.

Ilaria, what attracted you to Claudio?
ILARIA: His glamour, gentleman manner, and his eyes.

How would you describe your style?
ILARIA: I like to look fashionable and cool. And, of course, to be comfortable. This coat is Fay—I bought it in Milan.
CLAUDIO: I love clothes. That’s why I am Italian, probably! These sunglasses are the classic aviator by Ray-Ban, and I am wearing Dandop jeans. You don’t have them here, and I am sorry for you.

How would you describe each other’s style?
CLAUDIO: Ilaria’s style is pretty much like mine. That’s why we are together. I love it when she wears Marni, and she loves Marni. The last thing I bought her wasa Marc Jacobs skirt. We live across the street from the store, so I don’t have to walk.

What’s your favorite city to live in?
ILARIA: Paris. It’s the city of love.

How did you feel about the pope’s death?
CLAUDIO: I have a special feeling with what happened because I was in Vatican City for five years. I knew the pope. He was the spiritual dean at my university. I wanted to go to Rome and be there for the funeral, but I wasn’t able to do it, so I went to St. Patrick’s, and I followed everything on CNN.

Did you know him personally?
Not one-on-one, but we were together in groups. One thing I can tell you about is the look he used to give me. He looked me right in the eyes, like he was trying to transmit a message.

Claudio di Blasi and Ilaria Castelli, Business St […]