Madison Brigode, NYU Student

Photo: Jake Chessum

How would you describe your look?
I’m lazy. I kind of just wear whatever I find on the floor from the night before.

Really? It looks kind of premeditated.
It’s mostly just comfortable. I bought these boots for, like, $15. The sunglasses are, like, off the street. I pretty much like flea markets. And anything that shows off my legs.

Any style icons?
David Bowie. I absolutely would be David Bowie if I ever could. Kate Moss is absolutely amazing. I think any girl that can wake up and put on jeans and a T-shirt is pretty amazing. Girls that get overly done up, that’s what I can’t stand.

Are you from New York?
No. I’m from L.A., and I just finished my freshman year at NYU. I’m working at a company that puts on fashion trade shows. I do what no one else wants to do. Like filing.

What’s your favorite movie?
When Harry Met Sally. Absolutely. I don’t know why, I just love that movie. Every time I’ve broken up with my boyfriend, that movie is on, so I think I have a strange connection to it.

Favorite book?
I have to work, like, 40 hours a week, so I don’t really have time to read right now.

What are you studying?
Fashion journalism and gender studies. I’m really interested in the interaction between men and women. I guess that’s why I like David Bowie. I’d really like to be an editor. I love Nylon.

Being from L.A., did you ever consider working in entertainment?
God, no. I would die. I suffer from the worst secondhand embarrassment ever, so I can’t really even watch people act.

What’s secondhand embarrassment?
Well, it’s like this: I was walking down the street and there was a promotion for Tide. There were people in a truck with a mini-stage and microphones, and it was, like, Tide was having a rap concert. There was a woman on stilts. It was really frightening.

So you don’t like karaoke?
Karaoke’s my absolute worst nightmare.

How do you watch movies if you can’t watch people act?
That doesn’t really embarrass me. It’s more live performances that do. It’s hungry people that wear really cheesy clothing and drive, like, yellow cars.

Madison Brigode, NYU Student