Nick Landrum, Audiobook Narrator, with Chatzie

Photo: Jake Chessum

What makes your voice good for reading aloud?
It’s deep. People like that, especially if I go out drinking. And it’s pleasant and sort of familiar. People tell me I sound like Andrew McCarthy. When I didn’t have a beard, people told me I looked like him, too.

What’s the last book you recorded?
Dearly Devoted Dexter. It’s about a good serial killer who kills bad serial killers. It’s really, really awful. I loathe it.

Have you done any that you like?
Bob Dylan’s autobiography, the unabridged version. It doesn’t get much press because Sean Penn did the abridged. But it was the fulfillment of a dream.

How would you describe your look?
Well, these are the Elvis glasses, which I always wear. His motto was “Taking care of business,” so this is like “Taking care of business casual.”

Where did you get this outfit?
The hat I got after I finished the Bob book as a gift to myself at J&J Hat Center. I’m follicly challenged, as Mr. Zellweger would say. Have you ever seen Kenny Chesney without a hat?

How about the dog?
The dog is an accessory, as well as a sidekick. I was a little worried about being a straight guy with a small dog and an office in Chelsea, but things have been all right so far. A lot of models stop to talk to me.

And the rest?
I got the jacket at a vintage place called Metropolis. They specialize in rock-and-roll clothing and fruit boots.

What are fruit boots?
I’m from the South, where boots with zippers are frowned upon.

Does your wife help you shop?
She likes to dress me, which I’m fine with. She has very good taste. I like to say that I’m sleeping with my stylist rather than that I’m just whipped.

Nick Landrum, Audiobook Narrator, with Chatzie