Bethany Liebman, Designer

Photo: Jake Chessum

What do you do?
I’m developing my own line of clothing for infants. It doesn’t have a name yet. I want it all to have an heirloom quality—I’m tired of Winnie the Pooh and all those stupid icons that you can’t pass on to other generations.

What are the clothes like?
It’s all about drawings and organic fabrics. I don’t have any babies myself, but I love nature and animals, so it’s not hard to design.

Is it hard loving nature and living in New York?
Well, I live in Greenpoint, right on the water. You can watch the sunset on the skyline, and it’s incredibly beautiful. And I go away—Harriman State Park, the Catskills, the Cloisters. I have a little 1993 Acura Integra. It’s like a clown car, but you’d be surprised what you can fit into it.

How would you describe your style?
I’m very simple and I like things to fit well. That’s really what I care about. This jacket is from Anthropologie, and the skirt is Banana Republic. I’m really bad at buying whole outfits. Sometimes I’ll buy something, not wear it for years, and then realize I’ve just bought the perfect thing to match.

Do you have a lot of grooming rituals?
Well, I used to work as a makeup artist at Clinique, but I’m very au naturel. Less is always more. A lot of people don’t realize that the prettier and more natural you are, the less makeup you need.

What are the best Clinique products?
Moisture Surge. It’s light, it’s pink, and it’s the best moisturizer. Also, the mascara is great. It gives you length but it doesn’t get crispy or give you raccoon eyes.

How did you become a makeup artist?
I studied as a painter and then I got laid off from my fine-arts-y job. Being a makeup artist is just like being a painter, but with somebody’s face.

Do you still paint?
Absolutely. It’s all about pure, simple, soft color. I do a lot of landscapes.

What’s your favorite museum?
The Guggenheim. I love the architecture. But I haven’t been to the new MoMA yet. I don’t want to fight the crowds.

Bethany Liebman, Designer