Sam Masters, High-School Junior

Photo: Jake Chessum

How’s high school?
Well, I’m at Browning but I’m also very much into acting, and I’m in a band called the Deadly Monks with two of my classmates. I’m the lead singer and bassist. School is school.

What kind of music do you listen to?
David Bowie. He’s a musical genius and a trademark icon. I’m also very much into funky movie soundtracks, like Dazed and Confused and Velvet Goldmine. I like the band Spoon, and some old-school rap, too, like Run-DMC. And Bob Dylan—my dad’s a huge Bob Dylan fan. We’re just a big hippie family, really.

Tell me about your style.
I definitely like to funk it up. I love paisley, velvet jackets, tight jeans, and corduroys. I guess I just really love tight clothes. Onstage I sometimes wear a bit of eyeliner. Today I’m preppier because I didn’t have much in my closet. The jacket I picked up at Urban Outfitters, and the tie I got in Paris last summer, just somewhere funky.

What kind of acting do you do?
Film. I’ve been working with the New York Film Academy, mainly in dramatic roles. You know, struggles with life, struggles with girlfriends. I like things very deep and very complex, like the movie Closer. One of my friends filmed a version of it, and I played the role of Jude Law. I love playing the mysterious characters.

Are you mysterious yourself?
Possibly. I definitely think I have a quirky side. I love to have fun, I’m very friendly, and I fall in love very easily. I have a girlfriend named Destine. I met her at one of my best friends’ sweet sixteens. She goes to Dalton, and she’s a big David Bowie fan. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

Sam Masters, High-School Junior