Kate Chapman, Gallery Assistant

Photo: Jake Chessum

What are you doing today?
I work in an art gallery around the corner on Spring Street called Jen Bekman. I’m just running out to get coffee.

Who are your favorite artists?
I have this struggle because I love the contemporary scene but I don’t love the art that much. Like last year, I went to this show in Chelsea, and it was just blood dripping on a canvas. Gross. Not art.

It’s so cold, and you’re not wearing socks.
I only wear socks with boots. I went to a private day school in Connecticut, and our little slogan was no socks or kneesocks. Socks are uncool. They make my ankles look big.

Tell me about the rest of your outfit.
I’m pretty classic and downtown-preppy. I just throw on whatever, and sometimes I look like a crackhead, but sometimes it works. This bandanna is out of the ski bin at home, the coat is Michael Kors, and I’m wearing Trina Turk lined linen pants in the middle of winter. See what I mean?

Do you ski a lot?
Yes. I was at Okemo during the blizzard.

Do you have style icons?
Debbie Harry. I like her attitude. One of my favorite outfits is these really hideous white pumps, high heels, and my Jeremy Shockey jersey. I always feel edgy in it.

Is your hair naturally blonde?
Hell no! It’s probably light brown. I went to Wake Forest, and it’s not hard to make a statement there because it’s very white-bread. So I just dyed it platinum blonde, and then I wound up with chemical bangs. It was good to stand out.

Are you a Bode Miller fan?
He’s so sexy, even though he’s short. But we wouldn’t be a good couple: I’m short, too.

Kate Chapman, Gallery Assistant