6 Rules For Men’s Summer Dressing

1 Never wear a tank top under a linen shirt – you’ll look like a Soprano.

2 There are only six guys on the planet who look fabulous in Gucci sandals – and all of them are sexy, swarthy men who own casinos in Rio. You should wear shoes.

3 No one should wear Speedos – particularly if the water’s cold.

4 Only wear shorts if your legs are tanned – from a bottle if not from the sun. Capris on men? No. Big no. Wrong-o.

5 Tevas make me sick. No one here’s going hiking.

6 Only Ralph Lauren models can get away with black belts and black loafers in the summer. Get yourself a pair of saddle shoes or white bucks.

Robert Verdi is a senior style correspondent for the Metro Channel.

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6 Rules For Men’s Summer Dressing