The Look for Less

Desiron’s Nia chair and ottoman are the perfect combination of modern and comfortable (chair, $2,100, ottoman $850, sofa, $3,300) (111 Greene Street, 212-966-0404; 139 W. 22nd Street, 212-414-4070).

Jane Krolik found groovy fabric and made her own throw pillows. The less ambitious can pick up this wool-felt pillow by Hable Construction (also available in other styles and colors), $195 at ABC Carpet & Home.

This Scoop chair by Boom Design is a less expensive (about $350) alternative to the Kroliks’ low living-room seating. It comes in orange, red, white, and black fiberglass. At Lancelotti Housewares (66 Ave. A; 212-475-6851) and Property (14 Wooster Street; 917-237-0123).

Wool felt in “seal” is similar to the fabric on the Kroliks’ built-ins. It’s $42 a yard at ABC Carpet & Home (888 Broadway, at 19th Street; 212-473-3000).

This stainless-steel Inox table has a pivot top for easy storage and seats up to six people. It’s $425 and comes in round ($325) and square ($325) sizes, too. Design Within Reach (800-944-2233;

Oval rugs are almost always a custom job. At ABC, a five-by-seven-ish one can be had for as little as $225. Custom broadloom, $20 a square yard, plus a $3-per-foot binding charge.

The Look for Less