Prime Cuts

Is any man really comfortable in a unisex hair salon? The perfumey smells, the mauve smocks, the photos of cheesy haircuts you’d never want – no, no, no. Instead, get yourself to an honest-to-God barbershop, where the owner wears a white coat, the floors are tile, and the haircuts are cheap.

For upmarket barber service, head to Paul Molé, currently the oldest such shop in Manhattan (it’s been around for 80 years). $25 buys a spritz and a cut; for $3 more, they’ll shampoo after the cut (so no post-trim itch). Similarly, Victor and Joe, the two barbers at Feature Trim, have been giving neighborhood folks neat haircuts for more than twenty years. A dry cut is $18; shampooing is an extra $5.

A few barbers satisfy less conservative tastes. Chelsea Barber is a favorite among local hipsters for sharp, up-to-date cuts that cost a mere $15. And at Sal’s Barber Shop, a cut is only $12. Sal trimmed Little Italy’s old-time bigwigs long before NoLIta arrived. But he’s willing to accommodate – he calls that floppy Hugh Grant look his “English cut.”

There’s nothing like boasting “I got my hair cut in the subway.” Roma’s Barber Shop, in the 50th Street stop on the 1-9 line, is no time warp – it’s got halogen lights and new fixtures – but a shampoo and a fine cut are only $12.

Paul Molé, 1031 Lexington Ave., near 74th St. (212-535-8461); Feature Trim, 1108 Lexington Ave., near 77th St. (212-650-9746); Chelsea Barber, 465 W. 23rd St. (212-741-2254); Sal’s Barber Shop, 209 Mott St. (no phone; closed Sun. and Mon.); Roma’s Barber Shop, 50th Street subway stop (212-307-1840).

Picks of the Week

Vanessa Noel is taking 50 to 70 percent off dressy mules, boots, sandals, and bridal shoes that sell at places like Saks. Prices are $30-$150. Sizes 41Ž2-12. 12 W. 57th St., Suite 901 (333-7882); A.E., M.C., V.; Wed.-Fri. 9-5; 10/20-10/22.

Medusa’s Heirlooms’s wacky hair accessories are 60 to 70 percent off at the sale, from $5-$20. 385 Fifth Ave., at 36th St., Suite 1008 (212-683-6711); A.E., M.C., V.; Mon.-Fri. 9-6; 10/19-10/22.

Tote le Monde chic handbags (they sell at Barneys and Calypso) are now half off, from $60 to $175. 50 W. 29th St. (212-951-7140); cash only; Wed.- Thurs. 11-7, Fri. 9-3; 10/20-10/22.

Totem’s sleek furniture is now up to half off – from $75 for a “Zip Code” lamp (pictured) to $2,950 for a James Irvine sofabed. 71 Franklin St. (212-925-5506); A.E., M.C., V.; Mon.- Sat. 11-7, Sun. noon-5; 10/19-10/24.

Prime Cuts