All in the Family

Angela Cosmai’s claim that her colors aren’t trendy is exactly what her loyal clientele wants to hear – she creates the sun-kissed-blonde look of celebrities like Meryl Streep. And her “corrective coloring” can turn even the most botched bottle job into a new natural shade. At her sale you receive – along with an initial consultation by Cosmai herself – a free color-coded makeup kit (from a new line that she designed and prices at $70) with every two services and a free lipstick with every one. In addition: single process, was $70-$100, now $50; highlights, were $100-$250, now $60-$130; haircut, was $100, now $60. Angela Cosmai, 16 W. 55th St. (541-5820); A.E., M.C., V.; Tues.-Sat. 10-6, Thurs. till 7:30; through 2/28.

Bendel’s Bounty
We’re giving you advance notice for a reason – mark this sale in your calendar. Up to 70 percent off retail on sportswear, accessories, and eveningwear from all six Henri Bendel locations at the store’s warehouse sale. Parsons School of Design, 560 Seventh Ave., near 40th St.; A.E., M.C., V.; Tues.-Wed. 8-7, Thurs. 8-8, Fri. 8-6, Sat. 10-3; 2/10-2/14.

Time to Reboot
Let’s face it – even the most dapper man sometimes has a problem picking out a good pair of shoes. To Boot is a company that comes to the rescue; it has both classic and contemporary designs that aren’t boring. At its winter warehouse sale: handmade business and dress shoes, were $450, now $199; square-toe fashion oxfords and boots, were $245-$410, now $89-$149; classic loafers, were $255, now $109; ankle boots, were $245, now $119. To Boot New York warehouse, 603 Washington St., between Morton and Leroy Sts. (463-0437); cash only; Thurs.- Fri. 8-6, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-6; 2/5-2/8.

Collecting Chelsea
Combing through the Chelsea Antiques Building can provide hours of browsing and searching – with twelve floors and more than 100 shops, pretty much every taste is catered to. At the sale to celebrate Valentine’s Day, most stores in the building will have discounts. For example: thirties monogrammed cufflinks, were $65, now $45; pair of 1900 French marquetry commodes, were $3,000, now $2,250; turn-of-the-century Chinese armoires with brass etchings, were $3,400, now $3,000. Chelsea Antiques Building, 110 W. 25th St. (929-0909); A.E., M.C., V.; Mon.-Sun. 10-6; 2/6-2/14.

Intimate Concerns
To satisfy the penchant for giving sexy underthings on Valentine’s Day, La Lingerie is having a sale on its imports from Italy. While you’re there, check out the leather pants, dresses, and so on that the neighboring Ménage à Trois has on sale. Bras, were $37-$210, now $22.20- $126; bodysuits, were $200-$425, now $120-$255; underpants, were $25- $168, now $15-$100. La Lingerie, 799 Madison Ave., nr. 67th St., second floor (535-5551); A.E., M.C., V., checks; Mon.-Sat. 10-6; through 2/28.

Mon Petit
Les Tout Petits – a company that sells funky children’s clothing to upscale department stores and boutiques – is having an early spring-clearance sale. For example, assorted dressy short dresses, retail $70-$90, here $30; boot-cut pants, retail $45-$60, here $10; panne-velvet bathing suit, retail $50-$60, here $38. Les Touts Petits, 600 Grand Ave., Ridgefield, N.J. (call 201-941-8675 for directions); M.C., V.; Wed.-Thurs. 10-7, Fri. 10-4, Sat. 10-2; 2/4-2/7.

Georgie’s Gifts
For the boys still struggling with what to get their girl for February’s love day, Georgette Klinger’s ideas include: “Cupid’s Delight” (includes facial, make-up application, and “Kathryn” cologne and body cream), was $150, now $135; and “Romantic Interlude” (includes facial, make-up application, and body massage), was $151, now $140. Georgette Klinger, 501 Madison Ave., nr. 52nd St. (838-3200); 978 Madison Ave., at 76th St. (744-6900); A.E., M.C., V.; through 2/14.

New Arrivals
Charl’s Layette opened about a month ago and is a promising addition for anyone looking to outfit a baby. At its first sale, everything is 25 percent off, including: cashmere blankets, were $330- $350, now $247-$262; velour rompers, were $80, now $60; stroller blankets, were $96, now $77. Charl’s Layette, 920 Park Ave., at 80th St. (861-1113); A.E., M.C., V., checks; Mon.- Fri. 10-5:30, Sundays by appointment; through 2/28.

All in the Family