It’s All About Options

The Emerald Planet serves up food that’s good for your bod. Now it’s doing right by the community too. Bring in a coat for the spring drive (it will go to a local charity) and receive a wrap or tasty smoothie free of charge. Everyone benefits. The Emerald Planet, 2 Great Jones St. (353-9727); A.E., M.C., V.; Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-10 p.m., Sat. noon-10, Sun. noon-8; through 3/31.

Bring It On
Barneys lovers take note (if you’re a true fan, you probably already know about this) – the legendary biannual warehouse sale is coming up, with 50 to 70 percent off retail prices. Buy a $10 ticket to the preview night to get first dibs; proceeds go to Bailey House (a not-for-profit organization that provides housing and supportive services for people with AIDS). Preview benefit is February 18. Barneys New York Warehouse, 225 W. 17th St. (for tickets to preview, call 633-2500); A.E., M.C., V.; preview Wed. 6-9 p.m., Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Sat.-Sun. 9-9; 2/18, 2/19-3/1.

Coffee Breaks
D’Amico, on Court Street, is one of the gems of the family-owned Italian-speciality stores that dot Carroll Gardens. Though Manhattanites are encouraged to take the F train out there for some neighborhood charm, D’Amico does ship all of its delicious roasted coffees free of charge during the sale. Among the three-pound sets: light roast (includes Sumatra, Costa Rica, and house blend), was $21.27, now $17; dark roast (includes Viennese, French Kenya, and espresso house blend),was $19.13, now $16.27; decaf (includes Colombian light, Copenhagen, and Mocha-Java), was $26.87, now $22.84. D’Amico Foods, 309 Court St.; A.E., M.C., V., checks accepted (718-875-5403); Mon.-Sat. 8-7; through 2/28.

Kinney & Kitty & Co.
Just to meet Meghan Kinney and her cat, Boo, is good enough reason to drop into their cozy East Village shop. But her clothes are the reason to drop some cash. At her sale: wool-jersey V-neck dresses, were $150, now $90; mohair coats, were $350, now $150; spring and summer separates from last season, were $110, now $50. Meghan Kinney Studio, 312 E. 9th St. (260-6329); M.C., V.; Tues.- Sun. 1-8; 2/16-2/28.

Show’s Up
For those fashionable sorts who know what’s what and who’s who but don’t have the finances to act on their smarts, Showroom Seven’s sample sales always hand over high-end items at wholesale prices and below. Designers include: Ghost, Whistles, Amaya Arzuaga, Lianne Barnes, and Eva Branca. Showroom Seven, 498 Seventh Ave., nr. 36th St., twenty-fourth floor (643-4810); A.E., M.C., V.; Mon.-Fri. 10-7; 2/17-2/27.

Name Brands
At Joël Name – a très chic soho eyeglasses purveyor – designs by Armani, Cynthia Rowley, François Pinton, and Persol, among others, are going on sale. For example: Calvin Klein sunglasses, were $220, now $175; Midori prescription glasses, were $260, now $200. Joël Name, 65 W. Houston St. (777-5888); A.E., M.C., V.; Mon.-Fri. 11-7, Sat. till 6, Sun. noon-5; 2/22-2/28.

Armoired Guard
Looking for an armoire? Schrager Furniture has accrued three years’ worth of floor samples and is selling them off. Indonesian-style pine armoire, was $1,295, now $865; “big door” pine armoire, was $1,000, now $699; multipurpose armoire, was $1,895, now $1,050; Mexican two-door armoire, was $1,395, now $750; honey-pine armoire with wax finish, was $1,250, now $640. Schrager Furniture, 1624 First Ave., nr. 84th St. (879-0400); A.E., M.C., V., checks; Mon., Wed., Fri. 10-8; Tues., Thurs., Sat. till 6; 2/16-2/28.

African Kings
When the folks at Bamboula said their home accessories are all made in and shipped directly from Africa, they weren’t kidding. When we stopped by, huge containers of stuff had just arrived from overseas. At its loft sale: mask candleholder, was $30, now $12; mirrors, were $18-$30, now $9-$15; masks, were $65-$85, now $30-$45. Bamboula, 147 W. 25th St.; A.E., M.C., V.; Fri.-Wed. 11-5, Thurs. till 7; 2/16-2/22.

It’s All About Options