Arts and Leisure

To celebrate a quarter-century of making lithographs, Edwina Sandys is hosting a studio sale. Predominantly a sculptor – Earl McGrath Gallery will be showing her marble work in the fall – her subjects reflect the interests of 25 years, with a common theme: a strong sense of humor. The images of her grandfather, Winston Churchill, are of particular value. The lithographs retail for $300-$3,000; here, they’re $100-$1,500. Edwina Sandys, 565 Broadway, at Prince St., second floor (343-7066); checks accepted; Wed.-Thurs. 12-7 and by appointment; 4/15-4/16.

Pop Couture
Couture Cafe – a wholesale accessories showroom that represents fifteen designers – is having its semi-annual sample sale. For example: Japonica’s silk scarves and wraps, retail $60-$150, here $25-$60; Karen Pye’s sterling-silver jewelry, retail $150-$1500, here $60-$700; Jenniclips’s hair accessories, retail $5-$30, here $1-$10; Maruca’s fabric bags, retail $10-$80, here $5-$40. Couture Cafe, 431 Fifth Avenue, near 39th St., fifth floor (213-4353); checks accepted; Tues.-Wed. 10-6, Thurs. 11-8; 4/14-4/16.

Off the Beaten Path
Although Pastec has been open for nine years, we only recently ran across this store that carries mostly Italian and some Japanese women’s clothing. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the clothes have a timeless feel and uncommonly fine fabrics. Most items are now 20 to 40 percent off. Pastec, 459 Broome St. (219-3922); Mon.-Sat. 12-6:30, Sun. 1-6; A.E., M.C., V.; 4/13 until supplies run out.

A Good Kind of Pressure
One of the best aspects of the New York Center for Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine is that the people who run it believe in working with Western doctors – a lot of their patients are receiving both kinds of care. The usual fees are $100 for the first visit, now $65, and $65 for subsequent ones, now $50. New York Center for Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine, 157 W. 57th St., Suite 702 (459-2442); Mon.-Fri. 9-7; checks accepted; 4/13-8/31.

Slimmer Down
To compare the experience of Bliss’s “Oxygen Herbie” wrap to that of a turkey being slowly cooked in its own juices isn’t too much of a stretch. But when you emerge from your crinkly wrapping, you’re a few pounds lighter and you’ve had a double oxygen facial (arguably one of the best in the city) in the process. The wrap and facial were $165; as a post-tax-deadline treat, they’re $135. The price applies to appointments made during the sale for anytime in 1998. Bliss, 568 Broadway, at Prince St., second floor (219-8970); Mon.-Fri. 11-8:30, Sat. 9:30-6:30; A.E., M.C., V.; 4/15-4/30.

For the Lightweights
To fulfill the need for lighter businesswear for the warmer months, Renée DuMarr offers women’s day and evening suits for spring and summer. For example: suits, retail $350, here $130-$150; dresses, retail $125-$135, here $50; evening suits, retail $325, here $140. Try-ons are permitted. Renée DuMarr, 530 Seventh Ave., near 39th St., seventh floor (768-3734); A.E.; Fri. 6-8, Sat. 10-3; 4/17- 4/18.

All in the Footwork
Main Line Group – a showroom for women’s and men’s shoes – is having a sample sale on both sensible shoes and flightier models: Todd Oldham heels, retail $500, here $150; men’s Enrico Fantini sandals, retail $195, here $89; Materia Prima platforms, retail $165, here $75. Main Line Group, 134 Spring St., Suite 202 (965-9493); M.C., V.; Sat-Sun. 12-7, Mon.-Wed. 11-8; 4/18-4/22.

Arts and Leisure